oNecklace (Cutting Edge Jewellery LTD) is an international jewelry manufacturer, our main office is based in Israel, that deals exclusively with customized name necklaces. Inspired by the concept of personalized nameplate pendants, we opened our doors to the world in 2012 and have been creating beautiful and fashionable customized jewelry.

We have a delightful range of products, designed by our skillful team of technicians who incorporate a blend of individual style along with sentimental charm. Our products are some of the most stunning and contemporary pieces of jewelry that you will come across in the market. We have necklace categories such as name necklaces, monogram chocker necklaces and brushed pendants just to mention a few. Choose between plated or pure sterling silver and pure gold or gold plated chain necklaces to adorn the name of your choice. All the wonderful creations crafted in our confines could not have been possible if it were not for our state of the art factory. This is where the process of turning names and initials into lovely pieces of jewelry unfolds. Coupled with efficient machinery and a competent workforce, we can use all your ideas while creating personalized name necklaces to meet your personal sense of style.

The process of manufacturing name necklaces

Much of the jewelry crafting work that goes into creating impeccable masterpiece pendants usually takes place in our modern production facility. It is equipped with top of the line equipment and experienced jewelers in order to create high quality personalized name necklaces. Engraving names on precious metal is an art that requires some of the best tools and expertise. For this we have a uniqe drill cutting machine which carefully takes out a chunk of the right amount of metal required to create a striking piece of jewelry.

The intricate font designs that you will see from our extensive inventory of tastefully designed name necklaces can be attributed to using some of the most efficient jewelry cutting apparatus. Our fine, diamond cut nameplates are curved out with precision thanks to a unique curving robot which meticulously engraves every individual letter on a name pendant with high levels of accuracy
to give it a handmade design.

For the final touch, the polishing equipment purifies and cleans the metal used to make the necklace hence adding a dazzling radiance to the end product. Factors taken into consideration by management in support of offering the best customer experience and quality products includes use of the latest jewelry making technology, utilization of quality raw materials, client support and competitive pricing. Our top of the line necklaces are testament the high standards of creative craftsmanship and elegant beauty that is employed while creating our fabulous designs.


Our excellent service, wide range of quality products and ultimate customer satisfaction could not have been a reality if it were not for our skilled workforce. Factory procedures are well organized to bring about efficient service delivery. From the technical team right down to shipment agents that process check out of packages, we offer fast, professional and timely delivery as these aspects are major priorities required to satisfy all our clients. Upon completing payment transactions and verification of order details, our team of skilled jewelers tirelessly works round the clock so as to ensure that your package is ready for delivery in good time.

The process of creating name necklaces, monogram pendants and other special jewelry designs can be time consuming but, once done, the great care and expert techniques used by our designers are reflected in the in the fine pieces of chain necklaces that will adorn your outfits.

Packages are labeled categorized and either added to the inventory or delivered to buyers that have placed orders for a customized necklace.

Our excellent customer service and efficient deliveries will ensure that you get to enjoy the best shopping experience while looking for a gorgeous piece of jewelry adorned with the name of your choice.

Quality Assurance

We offer clients some of the very best services in order to deliver a pleasant buying experience. Paired with top class manufacturing facilities and our excellent jewelry makers, you can be certain of getting quality products from oNecklace.com, your one stop shop for the perfect name pendant. Our factory also ensures to source genuine silver and gold for making jewelry. We have pure sterling silver with purity levels of up to 92.5% and 24 karat gold jewelry to create the customized jewelry design of your choice. For the gold and silver plated necklaces, other metals are also added to the alloy to create a strong and durable factory necklace that offers you true value for your money.


At oNecklace we understand that a perfectly made name necklace also needs to be well packed to make up for an impressive gift for a friend, loved one or family member. Therefore, our entire factory made necklace designs come well packed in charming gift boxes to make up for a charming and warm gift idea.

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