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Fall 2021 Jewelry Trends That You Can Actually Afford

Jewelry has always had the power to wield charm, illumination and femininity to every woman. The time has come to go be reborn and reinvent ourselves, to lose fear and start showing our true colors through our clothes, hairstyle, makeup and of course our jewelry!

Very often we measure jewelry value in carats and monetary cost, but not in the link that binds them to personal memories and experiences. But that is the beauty behind it, every piece you wear can tell a story without necessarily having to spend thousands of dollars on it. 

Autumn has arrived and with it comes a world full of new styles you cannot miss out on. If your aim is to look daring this season without going over budget; we have for you our top picks on affordable jewelry for this fall 2021. 

Before we let you know what are the latest trends in jewelry, we have to update you on the latest top fashion trends for fall 2021 because a piece of jewelry always has to be the right companion to the perfect outfit.

Vibrant Hues for Cloudy Days

Autumn doesn’t seem so grey anymore - vibrant hues are a must this fall. Yellow, orange and pink are the latest clothing colors for fall 2021; they are a fusion of high spirited colors that portray artistry as a collective expression. 

Make this season bold by using striking, vivid colors. Fashion has always been about going out of the ordinary, so take advantage of this opportunity and go above and beyond with your looks. 

After drowning ourselves in this pandemic, filled with tragedies and setbacks, we can no longer afford to continue living in this state of mind. If COVID-19 has taught us something, it has been to be stronger and braver. If we have to be confined, the least we can do is express our freedom through our clothes, looks and style. Combinations of innovative hues and vivid light allow us to follow a lifestyle of reinvention and awakening.

Now that you have a general overview  about color trends for this fall, it is time to show you our latest collection of jewelry ideas we have picked out just for you, that will go perfect with your look.

The Beauty Of Flowers

Just like horoscopes, zodiac signs and birthstones, we are also given a flower according to the month we were born. They can reveal details about our personality traits.  Birth flower necklaces are a great way to express your essence. They are not only pleasing to look at but also add a touch of originality to your outfit. This will definitely be one of the  fall jewelry trends that we will see a lot of, so make sure to have this item in your drawer.

Birth Flower Necklace

The Birth Flower Necklace |

Diamonds are usually exceedingly expensive, but we can fool the human eye with a much more affordable option that will make you look just as dandy. The flower ring with zirconia is the perfect piece to give you the dazzle you need. As mentioned before, this season is about going to extremes, so don't be afraid to look for all types of sizes, designs, colors and textures when it comes to rings. 

Flower Ring With ZirconiaFlower Ring With Cubic Zirconia |


Make It Yours

Personalized jewelry  has become the perfect opportunity to tell your story, not only your past but your dreams. It allows you to convey the aspects of your personality that you are most endeared with. You can say a lot about yourself without uttering a single word.  

This type of jewelry can embellish any look, giving it a touch of uniqueness. 

Either keep it simple or go bold with an initial necklace. If you want a cozy everyday look but still desire to make a statement, this is the ideal accessory. 

Cursive Initial Necklace

choose your initial necklace

There is an infinite variety of options when it comes to personalized jewelry. Another great one is a monogram; they provide a distinctive and sophisticated aspect to your outfit. Given their versatility, you can select from all kinds of jewelry, such as monogrammed necklaces, rings or bracelets. Make sure to choose the one that best suits you. 

Monogram necklace


For a more meaningful approach to your look, engraved jewelry is your go to. It provides an elegant and classy touch to this 2021 bright and colorful fall apparel. If your outfit is already striking and bold, try to tone it down with more subtle and fine-drawn jewelry pieces like these.  

Mother Necklace With NamesMother Necklace With Kids Names

Engraved Mother Necklace


A Gothic Approach

This fall, venture into the world of mystery and romance with gothic jewelry. 

This style is the perfect alternative for those who do not feel in tune with wearing subtle pieces of jewelry. The gothic style is more robust and solid. Necklaces with gothic typography are a very attractive accessory that can be worn in any occasion. If you want to enhance the look, you can use some cross earrings, you'll see how this could recharge your appearance in an instance. 

Old English Name Necklace

Gothic Cross Earrings

Gothic Cross Earrings


The Lock and the Key

Keys and locks are a style that is becoming more and more popular nowadays,  even celebrities like Kristen Stewart have dazzled the streets with very pronounced and daring padlock accessories. I'm sure she had to spend a great deal of money on them, but not to worry: we have you covered with the best budget friendly alternatives.  

Lock Necklace With Initial

This lock necklace is great to pair with a bold and striking outfit. 

You can also add a bit of shine to your neck with a lovely key and lock necklace that will add a flirty touch to any of your looks. 

For a more elegant and refined style, this key necklace is a must have. It goes nicely with a flowy black strap dress.


Charm Away

Charm jewelry has undoubtedly become one of the most awaited trends for this fall 2021. Not only are they eye-catching but you can give every accessory a unique and special meaning. So rest assured you will be stopped if someone sees you wearing these distinctive items.   

Chokers will be one of the most seen products this fall, since their popularity has been increasing. With them we can bring out our creative spirit. 

Choker Name Necklace

Choker Name Necklace

Black Velvet Choker With Name

Velvet Choker With Name

If you want to add a pinch of color, a birthstone charm bangle is the ideal fit for you. The best part is that you can customize them however you want, you have an infinite possibility to shape them to your liking, just like any other charm bracelet. Maybe you want  an engraved bracelet with the names of the special people you have in your life, or want to place symbols that represent your personality and certain experiences you have had. Like I said, the possibilities are endless.

Charm Bangle With Names

Charm Bracelet With Engraved Names


Take it to the Max

Maximalism will become one of the main jewelry trends for fall-winter 2021  among necklaces, and all other types for jewelry. So the question here is how can we make a simple and discrete piece of jewelry scream over the top?

The secret is knowing how to layer necklaces. It's all about mixing metals and chains of different lengths, styles, designs and appearances that will highlight your style. 

Sun and Moon Necklace

Sun and Moon Layered Necklace


Pair your dainty and simple necklaces with chunky statement pieces, or get a two-layer necklace like our Sun and Moon Layered necklace. Mix chain styles and types, like a Herringbone with a Paperclip, for that cool statement look. Or for a personalized look, pair a statement charm choker with a dainty initial necklace.

Charm Choker and Initial Necklace

Initial Necklaces


What's Your Pick?

These fall 2021 Jewelry trends are innovative, clever, and creative, capable of enhancing any of your outfits to the fullest. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, fashion is about experimenting with new textures, sizes and shapes, look for the style that suits you but never forget to stand out.

Now that you have had the opportunity to see all the hottest trends for this fall, take action! Dip into our new arrivals and stock up for the cold season.

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