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Can you wear gold and silver jewelry together?

The big question of mixing gold and silver jewelry in one outfit - The answer is yes. We are in a time where fashion and style is so limitless that mixing silver and gold has now developed into an incredible trend. That being said there is a fine line between fashionable and ridiculous. So having this in mind you must make sure you mix your jewelry in the right way. It was once a rule not to mix metals but now that fashion law is over! - there is, however, no need to overstep the mark.

Here are some tips on how to dress your mixed jewelry

Wear gold and silver jewelry together

Does the mixed metal jewelry compliment your clothing?
When accessorizing your outfit with mixed metal jewelry you must consider if it is the appropriate type of jewelry for the outfit and occasion. For example, is it a day time, funky type of outfit or are you dressing a fine and elegant evening dress? A day time look can afford a heavier, trendier and random style - For instance, a monogram necklace mixed with other chunky chains would work great with a casual, quirky outfit. However, a special evening look will take a more sophisticated, finer twist. Once you have decided on the style of Jewelry you can then begin to piece your gold and silver necklaces together.

What are you mixing?
When mixing gold and silver accessories you only have to concern yourself with necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. It is not a fashion requirement to consider your other accessories, such as handbags or shoes. There is no need to worry and stress about it matching the zip on your handbag or the buckle on your shoes etc. If anything, this adds to the ‘mixing’ style and it shouldn’t compromise the whole look. You can also take the engagement/wedding ring factor out of the equation – this is no longer a decision you have to make, we’re living in a much freer world!

What to avoid
It is very important that you stick to mixing colors and not styles. You must look like you have thought about what you were doing and not just throwing any old thing on. Yes fashion has become much more modern and unrestricted but we still need to look purposeful and stylish. Pooling different styles and different colors is a no go.

Have at least one combined piece
You must decide on the shades of gold that you want to mix with your silver. It is best to have two shades - one silver and one tone of gold. For example yellow gold and silver or rose gold and silver. You should choose one piece that is combined within itself of different metal tones - this will take the edge of a bit so it is easier for you to choose your other individual pieces. In addition this technique makes the look seem much more organized.

Layer pieces of different colors – Stack necklaces one on top of the other, start from the longest and work your way up to the shortest. It is ok if they overlap, let them just fall naturally. Throw in a few gold bangles to your set of silver and mix up your rings. The fun is endless with this new trend – you can always dress a different look and a unique one at that.

Give it a twist
Add another color to the equation that will complement the two metal shades. For example, add one rose gold bar necklace to a full yellow gold and silver combination or even add a colored charm – this allows you to have fun mixing metals and to look well put together.

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