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Different types of crosses and their meanings

The cross is a symbol widely recognized around the world, and certainly the most instantly recognizablesymbol in Christianity, due to its meaning in the crucifixion of Jesus. It has been used symbolically foralmost 2000 years by Christians all over the world and can be used in architecture, jewelry, literatureand worship.

There are many different types and different styles of crosses. The words ‘cross’ and ‘crucifix’ are oftenused nowadays to mean the same thing. However, there is a difference. A crucifix is a cross with Jesusembodied on it, symbolizing the crucifixion, compared to a plain cross by itself.The cross can also have many different connotations, depending on the different branches ofChristianity. From Catholics or Protestants, to Orthodox Christians, there are many different styles ofcrosses used in jewelry, each with its own special meaning.

Jesus on the Cross

Jesus Cross Neckalce

The image of Jesus on the cross, or the crucifix, is one of the most famous versions of the cross to be used in art,architecture and jewelry. The crucifix is meant to emphasize Jesus' sacrifice and is prominently used by theCatholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches as a holy icon. It is most often used on cross necklaces.

Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is a version of the cross that developed in England, Ireland and Scotland during the 5th century. Itfeatures a cross with a circle behind a cross to represent a halo ring. It is one of the most popular types of crossesto be used in jewelry and fashion and is seen as a symbol for those with Irish, or Celtic, heritage.

Celtic Cross

Upside Down Cross

The upside down cross, or the Cross of Saint Peter, is a cross symbol that has seen a modern revivial. The originof the symbol comes from the Catholic tradition that Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus, was crucified upsidedown. It is often seen in gothic fashion or heavy metal, and is a symbol of humility.

Christian Cross

The Christian cross, or Latin cross, is perhaps the most famous and instantly recognizable cross. Also known asthe High cross, the base of the cross is longer than its three arms. It is a plain and simple cross that is symbol offaith. It is believed to bring the wearer protection, as a religious symbol and has huge spiritual meaning, bringingthe wearer comfort and peace.

Wooden Cross

The wooden cross is a beautiful, understated version of the cross that is worn on necklaces. Its simplicityunderlies its spiritual meaning in the belief that Jesus was crucified on a wooden cross, and the woodencross is used as an icon all around the world.

Wooden Cross

Orthodox Cross

There are a few different versions of the Orthodox cross, or slanted cross. The most popular is theRussian Orthodox cross that features three horizontal beams instead of the more common two. Used inart and paintings for over 1000 years, the Orthodox cross is one of the most beautiful to be used injewelry.

Orthodox Cross

Jerusalem Cross

The Jerusalem cross, also known as the Five-fold cross, is a form of a heraldic cross surrounded by foursmaller crosses. The heraldic cross developed in the Middle Ages on the shields and family emblems ofEurope’s noble families. The Jerusalem cross was the symbol of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Coptic cross

The Coptic cross is often shown with its arms dividing into three points, usually made of flowers, to make abeautiful and decorative style of cross. The Coptic cross has 12 points altogether, meant to symbolize the 12Apostles. Used by Coptic Christians, the Coptic cross is an extravagant emblem used in jewelry andarchitecture throughout northern Africa.

Coptic cross

Templar Cross

The Templar cross is a famous image used by the Knights Templar It has narrow arms in the centre that flareout as the branches of the cross extend. The cross that the Templars wore on their robes was a symbol ofmartyrdom. For a knight, martyrdom was considered a great honour that assured a place in heaven.

Tau Cross

The Tau cross is a T-shaped cross where all three ends of the cross extend. It resembles the letter T and isnamed after the Greek letter Tau. Its religious significance goes back 2000 years. It is a beautiful cross that isone of the most popular crosses used in necklaces and jewelry around the world.

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