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Exploring the world of Jewish symbols and jewelry

Judaism is one of the oldest religions observed by a mass. With over 10 million believers, it is one of the most prominent religions worldwide. Often, we come across many Jewish signs and symbols that we don’t know the meaning of. To honor the symbols fully, it is essential to understand the meaning and origin of these symbols. This article will explore the world of Jewish symbols and jewelry. Learn and honor these signs by making rightful Jewish jewelry purchase decisions.

Star of David

The Star of David is a trendy motif used in Jewish jewelry. It is also known as the ‘Shield of David.’ The symbol is associated with the Israelite King David. Moreover, it features a deep-rooted connection between God, seven virtues, and people. Some also consider it a link between God, Torah, and Israel. You can find a number of stars of David jewelry that matches every dressing style at our store.

star of david
chai jewish necklace


Chai comprises the two alphabets of Hebrew, Chet and Yod. It represents life. Moreover, the symbol celebrates all good things coming in life and better days lingering right around the corner. The symbol also heals and energizes your life with positive energy and brings the best of both worlds.

The hand of Hamsa is one of the most famous Jewish signs widely used to craft jewelry pieces. It is a sign of protection against the evil eye. Many religions besides Judaism believe in the Hand of Hamsa, including Islam and Christianity. In Islam, it is known as the Hand of Fatima; in Judaism, it is also known as the Hand of Miriam. The Hand of Hamsa also represents divine blessings from the God and protection against any harm that comes our way.


Hamsa Symbol - hand of fatima
Jewish Menorah


The word ’Menorah’ means Lamp in Hebrew. Traditionally, the sign has seven edges, each representing the day of creation. The modern Menorah sign represents worshiping God in all its glory. Menorah is widely used in Jewish jewelry. Get the menorah necklace for truly celebrating the religion.

Shema Yisrael is derived from the first passage of the Torah. The word Shema Means Hear, and Yisrael means Israel. Shema Yisrael is known to be a central Jewish prayer and an affirmation of one God and the acceptance of the commandments of God. The passage is also found in Mezuzah. In other words, the jewelry representing Shema Yisrael is also an honor to God’s existence and the sacred land of Israel.

Shema Yisrael

Shema Yisrael


Mezuzah is an embellishment that is meant to be hung around doors. The symbol represents a reminder of the Lord’s presence and commandments of the religion. The Mezuzah is a piece of parchment paper containing a verse from the Torah. It is placed inside a decorative amulet with a Shin or Shaddai sign. These symbols represent God’s name and are an acronym for the ‘Guardian of the Doors.’

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is one of the historic symbols featured in the Torah. The symbol represents the eternal connection between God and human beings. In Judaism, the Tree of Life is known as Etz Ha Chaim. The Tree of Life shows the connection of the world with heaven, and both good and evil need permission from God to function. The Tree of Life also represents the history of Adam and Eve and how the deceiving snake misled them and ate the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Jewish Dove

The dove is the symbol of peace and hope in all religions including Judaism. The story of dove features back to Prophet Noah and the great flood that almost destroyed everything in the world. The symbol is also perceived as optimism and hope for a better future. The sign is usually combined with other holy symbols for added divineness in life.

Popular Jewish symbol jewelry that you must have!

If you are looking for an excellent Jewish jewelry item that not only honors the religion but also helps you create a remarkable statement, check out the custom hebrew name necklace available exclusively at Onecklace:

star of david nano bible necklace

Jewish Star of David Nano Bible Necklace

Style your ensemble with the Jewish Star of David Nano Bible Necklace. The necklace carries a nano bible chip in the middle of it. The Star of David pendant thus gives the believers a way to recite the Old Testament on the go. The intricate design of the necklace not only revives your faith but also adds luxury to any neckline.

The Hamsa Necklace with names is a divine accessory that carries intricate details and inscriptions on a dainty pendant. If you genuinely want to pay tribute to Jewish culture, there can be no better necklace. Add up to 5 names on the pendant and live a blessed life under the protection of God. The necklace is made with premium materials and finishes to practice your faith.

chai necklace for men

Diamond Chai Necklace for Men

The chai symbol profoundly connects with the religion and brings positivity to life. Check out our unique Diamond Chai Necklace for men. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the elegant necklace looks luxurious. Adding a diamond at a visible corner of the pendant also adds to its allure and grace. Buy the necklace for your friends and family and impact their lives rightfully. Besides Men star of David necklace, this our most selling jewelry piece.

The Tree of Life has a deeper meaning and connection with a believer’s life. The best way to commemorate the symbol is through a beautiful jewelry piece. The precise and delicate detailing on the pendant makes it a cherished yet precious keepsake for everyone. Wear it daily or on one particular occasion, and show the world your Jewish roots with grace and allure.

Tree Of Life Necklace

Tree Of Life Necklace

Hebrew Initial Dove Necklace:

As mentioned above, the dove is a symbol of peace and prosperity. Our Hebrew Initial Dove necklace has a thoughtful yet versatile design that also lets you carry your initials. The dove cutout sits elegantly around your neck, and the initial charm complements the embellishment. The Hebrew name necklace is an ideal accessory crafted for all the believers.

Shema Yisrael Star of David Two-Tone Pendant

It is the best necklace to honor the Shema Yisrael symbol. The two-tone pendant makes it a versatile accessory. The intricate design and the cutouts on the pendant add a hint of excellence. Get it for your Jewish jewelry collection, or gift it to your favorite people; this pendant is ideal for all occasions. The mens jewish necklace looks perfect on every religious occasion.


People who stay connected to their roots are the ones who see great heights in their lives. Learn about the Jewish symbols and their meanings. All these symbols are the essence of Judaism and a perfect way to celebrate your faith. Find the best piece of jewelry that suits your style and get your hands on the premium jewelry items.

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