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Name Jewelry

Personalized jewelry is a beautiful way to showcase your name in a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Learn about the different options for your own custom made name necklace, bracelet or ring.

It seems nowadays name jewelry is everywhere we go. Around our necks, strapped to our wrists, fastened around our ankles - the world cannot get enough of name jewelry. With seemingly endless options available, name jewelry gives you the chance to design your own piece exactly how you want it. From sizes to fonts, to what word you decide on, the range of styles gives the wearer the opportunity to encapsulate exactly who they are in one perfect piece of jewelry.

Here at oNecklace, we take a look at what exactly is name jewelry, where it comes from and how to choose the right design for you.

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What is name jewelry?

Name jewelry, as the title rightly suggests, is any piece of jewelry in which names or meaningful words are designed and fashioned usually out of precious metals such as gold or silver and worn on the body as necklaces, earrings, rings, or bracelets.

As the term is so broad it can encapsulate many different styles and fashions such as the classic nameplate necklaces, pendants or even birthstones.

One of the quirks of name jewelry is how it can be both an example of the inpiduality of the wearer and quintessential of a more common style. You can be one of the crowd and at the same time show off your unique personality in whatever way you choose!

Jewelry vs Name Jewelry

Jewelry has always maintained a special status in society. It will always be one of the “go-to” gift ideas for anybody, whatever the occasion and as a symbol of wealth and status. Jewelry has also been used for thousands of years as a sign of standing in society, with its religious connotations and deep symbolism. Whether you are buying for a spouse, that special someone in your life, a parent or even a best friend, jewelry has been a customary choice for gift giving and its value and desirability have made it a must have accessory.

In modern times, jewelry has become a mainstream element of the fashion world. As disposable income has grown in the past century, fashion styles have branched out more and more and this variety has allowed the world of jewelry to also grow.

Name jewelry has also grown significantly in popularity over the past few decades. Despite examples having been discovered dating back thousands of years to Ancient Egypt, name jewelry was again usually reserved for the powerful and wealthy. The ability to fashion items of jewelry out of cheaper materials with cheaper production costs means that name jewelry is no longer just the domain of the rich and famous. It has allowed name jewelry to enter mainstream fashion so now it seems you can no longer walk down the street without seeing a piece of personalized name jewelry somewhere!

So now we have discussed a bit on jewelry itself, let’s take a look at where exactly does the popularity of name jewelry come from?

Where does the popularity of name jewelry come from?

As mentioned above personalized name jewelry dates back thousands of years. However, it was only really in the 1980s and the rise of hip-hop that name jewelry really began to take off. The growth in popularity of the music genre and the promotion available through the new concept of music videos allowed younger generations among Black and Latinx communities a first-hand look at what their heroes were wearing, contributing to the rise of name jewelry. What was once a sign of wealth in the hip-hop community, the cheaper production models have allowed fans of all ages and affluence to buy name jewelry.

Most famous, possibly, was the success of the hit HBO TV show “Sex and the City” starring Sarah Jessica Parker as the character Carrie Bradshaw. Bradshaw, as a New York-based columnist and fashionista helped set many fashion trends but none more so than the name necklace. Worn in almost every episode, “Sex and the City” helped pave the way into the new millennium for a surge in demand for name jewelry. This has become so deeply ingrained in society that name necklaces are nowadays generally known as “Carrie necklaces.”

What is the appeal of name jewelry?

So we have looked at the growth in popularity of name jewelry and how it grew out of social trends at the end of the 20th century. But what exactly is the appeal of name jewelry over other types? Why does it stand out?

Personalized jewelry has been one of the fastest growing fashions in the jewelry world. The ability to design our own pieces exactly how we want them has allowed people to take the opportunity to show their true selves and unique characteristics through the jewelry they wear. With the chance to choose your own colors, fonts, designs and to stamp your own identity on your fashion look, name jewelry gives the wearer the chance to reveal their individuality.

The appeal of name jewelry is also expressed through WHAT you say as well as HOW you say it. Any name, date, or initial is always personal to you or if you are buying a gift, the receiver, making it meaningful and one of a kind - not the type of jewelry that is mass produced and anyone can wear. The name of a new grandchild, for example, makes for a great gift for any new grandparent, something personal to them that can't be bought on the High Street.

In recent years, names and dates have been seen translated into other languages or styles, such as Roman numerals, Arabic, Chinese or even Hebrew. People are reaching ever more into their pasts and their cultures to find an expression of self-identity and this shows itself through the jewelry they wear.

Again, lower production costs have also allowed people to expand their jewelry collections to a far greater degree broadening the appeal to a worldwide audience who suddenly find themselves with more disposable income and allow themselves to indulge in fashion items.

Cheaper to produce, stylish, and personalized to your own tastes, it is no wonder name jewelry has grown exponentially. Whether you are buying for yourself or looking to treat somebody special in your life, name jewelry is a good place to look!

Different types of name jewelry

Name jewelry can encompass so many different things, as previously mentioned. Here we will take a look at several different types of name jewelry that are among the most popular.


Name plates include so many styles but it is the best chance to show off your name. Get your name spelled out in charms, written in cursive script, or even in another language. Name dog tag styles are great gifts for that special man in your life or someone who prefers a more masculine look.

Name plates are easy to wear and look great when layered up with other jewelry too.


Keep things simple yet classic with an initial necklace. Choose your initial or initials to make a piece extra personal and to create jewelry that is easy to wear and timeless.

Initial jewelry is great for both everyday wear and those special occasions. Initial jewelry can range from the small and simple to the loud and extravagant and with a wide choice of fonts, pendants and styles, make a statement with yours.


Monogram jewelry instantly says something about your personality. Made up of two or more letters, monogram jewelry is a great way to showcase your initials or those of a loved one in a classic style.

Whether you prefer an elegant font in an interlocking design, or a more simplistic style of block letters, choose the style that suits your personality the best.

hoops with diamonds


For those wanting something a little more luxurious, treat yourself to some bling with some diamond name jewelry. As one of the most popular name designs worn by celebrities, diamonds create a glamorous image and give you the opportunity to splash the cash.


For those who don’t want to splurge on diamond jewelry, cubic zirconia and gemstones are a great way to keep some color and vibrancy in your jewelry. Celebrate your special month with a piece of birthstone jewelry, for example, as a marker for a month or sign of the zodiac.

Choose your own gemstone, or get several to celebrate loved ones, in a range of jewelry including rings, necklaces or bracelets.


When it comes to name jewelry don’t just think it’s all necklaces and that is it. Rings, bracelets, keychains, and earrings all offer great opportunities to craft the jewelry that you want and with such a wide variety of styles, you can pick and choose what appeals to your own sense of style.

For those less inclined to wear name jewelry, try something a little more understated like a keyring for example, that you can design and have made exactly how you want.

Celebrities who have been seen wearing name jewelry

As we mentioned above the popularity of name jewelry boomed through the last few decades of the 20th century with the rise of hip-hop, music videos and the cultural impact of television. Today, in 2022, celebrities still adorn name jewelry and a quick glance through social media will show you the modern styles and designs currently in fashion. Name jewelry, it seems, is still as popular as ever.

Below we take a brief look at several celebrities who wear name jewelry.


The woman who started it all with her characher Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City”, SJP has been rocking name necklace since 1998. Worn in almost every episode, this is the woman that helped make name jewelry a leading trend.

carrie necklace

Superstar and trendsetter, Beyonce has spent twenty years in the public eye, first as lead singer of girl group Destiny’s Child and then as a solo artist. Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle all wore name necklaces with the initials "DC" on them for the group’s name Since then, Queen B has been spotted adorning several others, including her nickname, "Yonce," and "Mommy."


Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez has been a fashion idol since breaking through in the 1990s and has created many of her own styles and brands. J-Lo has been seen rocking name necklaces for years and was spotted last year with a “Ben” name necklace after getting back together with her former partner Ben Affleck.


TV’s most famous family has also contributed to the name jewelry trend. Fashion icon Kim Kardashian is well known for her name jewelry having been seen sporting name necklaces with her childrens’ names. Sister Kourtney Kardashian has also been photographed wearing a name necklace with the word “sister” and several different gothic initial necklaces.


Fashion icons and supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid are fast becoming trendsetters with their regular appearances on the catwalk and magazine covers and the girls have been open about their favorite name jewelry. Gigi has been photographed wearing a name necklace with her daughter's name and both sisters have been seen with personalized earrings and initial necklaces.


The future Queen of England is well known for wearing monogram jewelry with her childrens’ initials on them: "G" for Prince George, "C" for Princess Charlotte, and "L" for Prince Louis. The Duchess of Cambridge has been photographed regularly adorning the necklace, keeping her children close to her heart.


Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has also been known to sport initial jewelry. Amid media rumors that she was dating Prince Harry, Meghan was photographed in Toronto wearing name jewelry featuring the letters “M” and “H”, confirming to the world that the romance was true.

As we have seen, name jewelry is such a vast and varied topic that it encompasses so many different things. With so many different metals, styles and designs the options are endless and it is now easier than ever to design your perfect piece of name jewelry, whether for you or as a gift. Check out oNecklace’s huge array of different name jewelry to find your perfect match.

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