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Pearl Necklaces are back in fashion with a natural appeal

natural pearl necklace

About Natural Pearl

A natural pearl necklace was once considered an essential part of a woman's wardrobe. Still, over time they fell out of favor with the fashion industry. However, silver and gold pearl necklaces have come back in fashion with a natural appeal. The natural beauty and symbolism of pearls make them an enduring classic that is always in style, no matter the newest trends.

There was a time when pearl jewelry was extremely expensive. Only the rich members of society can afford and disperse pearl necklace designs. As the world has become more nature friendly and found ways to accommodate the cost and means of pearl production, the gemstone has become affordable. The current fashion protocol invites more people to wear natural pearl jewelry, especially necklaces, due to its symbolization, manageable price range, and stunning finish.

Natural pearls are created when an irritant enters an oyster or mussel and becomes stuck in the tissue. This irritant can be a piece of sand, a parasite, or even a grain of rice. The oyster layers the irritant with layers of nacre to form a pearl. The color of the natural oyster pearl is determined by the type of irritant that causes it. A pearl caused by a parasite will be white, while one caused by sand will be yellowish-brown in color.

5 personalized Pearl Necklace:

Custom Pearl Year Necklace

Pearl Year Necklace

Add value to your life with a pearl year necklace. The heirloom quality of the necklace will surely add luxury to your neckline while preserving dates closer to your heart for the rest of your life. The necklace contains authentic pearls with a name pendant hanging in the middle. The lobster lock at the back of the pearl year necklace keeps it safe and well-attached, so you do not lose it. The necklace will never disappoint you if it is a special retreat for yourself or a gift to people closest to your heart.

Pearl Smiley Face Necklace

The contemporary style smiley pearl pendant necklace is all you need to make the best impression. When it comes to style, the necklace opens to a strand of natural pearls that surround the entire necklace widthwise. The pendant features a face silhouette made from sterling silver. Present the smiley necklace to your family or friends or add the perfect piece to your jewelry collection and showcase your personality in the most sophisticated manner.

Pearl Smiley Face Necklace
Pearl Initial Necklace

Pearl Initial Necklace

Pearl necklace with initial is bold, sophisticated, and minimalistic, designed to add stars and grace to your personality. Th pearl-filled necklace holds an alluring pendant at the center of the necklace crafted in a calligraphic font. The drop-style necklace complements every neckline and outfit. Besides that, it is a perfect gift for people who adore personalized necklaces. Besides that, it is also a great retreat for yourself. Place your order today and flaunt your style like never before.

Pearl Name Necklace

Pearl name necklaces are a perfect way to add feminine vibes to your wardrobe. You can add up to 8 separate initials to this necklace, making it perfect for carrying words, names, or different initials. The necklace contains a whole range of natural and premium pearls. Bring back sophistication to your accessories with the amazing Pearl name necklace.

Pearl Name Necklace

Pearl Necklace with Cross:

Rekindle your connection with faith through the mesmerizing pearl necklace with a cross. The beautiful necklace features a choker style with a sophisticated cross pendant hanging in the front. The blessed necklace is an ideal gift for everyone who wants to connect with their religious beliefs. Besides that, pearls symbolize truthfulness, peace, and divine energy, making them perfect for the believers of the Lord. Serve faithfully to the divine energy with the beautiful yet thoughtful pearl necklace men and women.

Common types of Pearl Necklace

Pearl necklaces are an elegant and classic accessory worn with any outfit. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Seven different types of pearl necklaces are most seen in the fashion industry. We love to follow trending fashion. Therefore, our pearl necklace range is currently loved by every fashionista out there. However, the fashion statement is not only limited to the designs as you can find the following styles trending these days too:

Pearl necklace set

It is a classical long-strand pearl necklace with two earrings containing pearls at the front. It is one of the oldest pearl designs that monarchs commonly wear.

Black pearl necklace

Black is not a naturally found color in pearls; therefore, artisans first dye each pearl with a black tint to make a black pearl necklace. The black pearl necklaces are affordable and complement all outfits.

Single pearl necklace

A single pearl necklace for women is a minimalistic necklace with a pearl pendant hanging in the middle. Each necklace presents a sterling silver chain and a pendant with a lobster claw at the back.

Small pearl necklace

The dainty pearl necklace usually has a choker style that fits tightly around your neck to create an elegant look. The pearl choker necklace looks amazing with casual outfits.

Pink pearl necklace

A pink pearl necklace is a popular piece of jewelry worn by women. It consists of a string with small pearls in pink. Pink Pearls are among the most valuable gemstones harvested from saltwater oysters. Though pearls can be found in various colors, pink pearls are among the rarest and most expensive ones

Silver Pearl Necklace

This necklace is made of pearls, usually white or cream-colored, strung together on a silver chain. It is typically worn as an accessory to formal dresses and evening gowns.

layered pearl necklace

A layered pearl necklace is a type of jewelry that can be worn in different ways. It is a necklace with different layers of pearls, which can be worn differently.

How to wear pearl casually?

Pearls look adorable on every woman despite her age. Although once pearl jewelry was only used for formal events, things have changed, and the current fashion trends transformed pearl jewelry into a casual boho style. If you are unsure about how to wear the jewelry casually, the following are some ways you can practice:

Wearing pearl customized jewelry

Customized jewelry comes in all shapes and forms, making pearl necklaces and bracelets widely acceptable for casual wear. The pearl necklaces with customized pendants look great on everyday wear, making them good for work and leisure. The lightweight necklace makes it easy for you to carry the accessory without getting tired or itchy.

The shorter the strand, the better it gets

Casual pearl jewelry should be short and made with a hypoallergenic material so that you do not suffocate your skin underneath the jewelry. Do not wear long necklaces as they can be difficult to maintain. Choose choker-style strands, so it doesn't come in the way of your work.

Layer it up

You can layer your pearl choker necklace with other necklaces time after time. Stacking different complimenting jewelry on different occasions makes the jewelry fun and playful. For a pure 90s vibe, stack your pearls with gold-plated necklaces and wear them alongside your favorite pair of jeans.

Be Creative

Let your imagination get wild with the pearly jewelry. Explore what compliments your personality and what doesn’t and choose the finest jewelry for your casual wear. The world is your oyster when it is about fashion and dressing style. Pearls never disappoint anyone and look good solo and even when stacked with other jewelry styles.


Are pearls back in style this year?

Yes, the current year has welcomed major fashion inspiration from the 80s ad 90s era that considered pearl jewelry a staple of any outfit. Although, once the pearls were seen as a sophisticated gemstones that only the wealthy gentry could afford. As the fashion trend is growing exponentially, making it accessible to everyone, pearl jewelry, especially necklaces, is peaking every chart. The demand for pearls has increased in the past few years and is expected to increase even more this year.

Can we change the pendant thickness in the pearl necklace?

Yes, you can readjust pendant thickness in every pearl necklace. However, the pendant thickness might cost you extra. On the other hand, thicker pendants are sturdier and look exceptional with pearls.

How can you tell the quality of pearls?

You can judge the quality of pearls through their luster. Premium quality pearls are lustrous and have a very reflective surface. Natural pearls have a slight yellowish hue, whereas artificial pearls are too white and have a chalky texture.

Can I wear my pearls every day?

Pearls get dehydrated with time if you leave them in a jewelry box for a long. Therefore, we recommend wearing it daily, so the luster does not get lost. Besides that, the pearl necklaces are perfect for everyday use and look good with casual outfits.

Do pearls look nicer with gold or silver?

Silver and gold are both popular choices for jewelry, but people often prefer one over the other. For some, it's about how they feel when they wear it. For others, it's about the color of their skin tone. There are many reasons why s person might prefer one over the other, but what matters is what you like best! It is also believed that silver and white gold brings out the cool undertone of pearls, making them look attractive and alluring. On the other hand, gold might undertone the luster of the pearl.


A Pearl necklace makes the ultimate fashion statement and has the potential to add luxury to any neckline. Although once pearl jewelry was only worn by the rich and high-class, the following year has made it accessible for everyone despite their monetary status. You can find a beautiful pearl necklace collection on our platform that gives everyone ample room for customization. Choose from the premium pearl collection and flaunt your good taste in fashion with family and friends

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