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The Best Custom Valentine's Gifts In 2022

February 14th is just around the corner - that day of the year that is dedicated purely to celebrating Love. It’s an important date for many people, and it’s an excellent opportunity to let that special someone know how deeply you care for them. 

These past two years Covid has entered the equation, forcing us all to change our plans whenever there is a special occasion and stay at home instead. Well, Covid is a tough guy, but it can’t ruin Valentine’s Day even if it tried to - because we’re giving you some pretty awesome gift ideas for personalized jewelry that you can order online to your doorstep. This Valentine’s it’s all about staying at home, being cozy and showing your love in a simple, personal way.

Onecklace has an endless variety of personalized jewelry, so we thought we’d share with you some Valentine’s day 2022 gift ideas that anyone would love to have. Be ready to sweep your partner off their feet!

First Valentine’s Day Gifts for her 

Your first Valentine’s Day with someone new can be somewhat tricky to figure out. We want it to be special but not too overwhelming, moving but not too serious that they would be scared off. If it's your first valentine's day with your significant other, here are a few ideas guaranteed to make them all excited and heart-eyed. 

Roman Numeral Bangle

This roman numeral bangle is a wonderful idea for a trendy gift with a personal touch. It comes in silver, gold or rose gold, and adjusts to any size so you don’t have to guess your new partner’s wrist size (there’s a time for everything!). 

You can personalize it with any date you choose - perhaps the day you formalized your relationship, the day of your first date or your first kiss. Every time they wear it, they will be reminded of that magical day when it all started. 

Roman Numerals Bangle
Roman numerals bangle with a custom date, $69.95

Heart initial Necklace

This little engraved heart necklace is so adorable, your partner will squeal with joy. It’s cute, delicate, and feminine, and a beautiful way to show your growing love. This discrete necklace can have your initial engraved on it, so whenever your partner is wearing it they will be reminded of you. Another option is to have their initial engraved on the pendant, so it’s a less intimidating gift that thry will probably be more comfortable with in case your relationship is very new. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Heart Initial Necklace
Small heart necklace with engraved initial, $39.95


Classic Name Necklace

One of our most popular products is this classic name necklace. It is simple, yet filled with meaning and character - just what you need to make her happy in these first few months of a relationship.

You can personalize it with your name, her name or even a meaningful word that represents your relationship. Choose your metal color and chain length, and you can even add a cute little heart-shaped tag at the clasp of the necklace, engraved with a special message from you to her.

Women's Name Necklace
Classic name necklace, $37.95


Valentine's Day Gifts For Him 

While there is an endless variety of jewelry for women, finding the perfect gift for your man in the form of jewelry can be a difficult task. But if you ask us (obviously), we really believe in the power of gifting someone a piece of personalized jewelry and making it all about love and connection. Our personalized jewelry for men is designed to make them feel confident and stylish while also holding a special and personal meaning. We really can’t think of a better Valentine’s day gift idea for men.


Hidden Message Bracelet

Is your man one of these guys who come across as tough, but are actually soft and romantic when they’re with you? This hidden message bracelet is just that: blank on the surface, but has a secret side only the two of you know about. Have it engraved with a meaningful quote that represents your relationship, your song or even a private joke. The possibilities are endless when it’s for your eyes only.

Engraved bracelet for men
Engraved bracelet with hidden message, $79.95


Engraved Bracelet For Men

This bracelet offers the best of both worlds: it has a masculine charm, but the engraved initials give it an emotional and personal side. It is a simple Valentine’s day gift that holds a great amount of meaning. This men’s bracelet is one of our top sellers, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice with this one.

Initial bracelet for men
Laser engraved bracelet for men with initials, $49.95


Custom Handwritten Message Bracelet

This engraved bracelet is not like any other: it’s engraved with your own handwriting or artwork. What better way to show your fondness and affection than with this beautiful bracelet? It will not only have a love message from you but it will also have your own handwriting.  He will never want to take it off because even if you are far away from him, he will know with every glance he takes at it that he is wearing a little piece of you. This bangle is made from real sterling silver and comes in three metal colors. It can also be adjusted to fit any size, which makes it the perfect gift idea.

Handwritten Engraving Bracelet
Custom handwritten engraved bracelet, $77.95

His & Hers Matching Jewelry Sets 

Why not make it a set? After all, Valentine’s day is a celebration for two. Match with your partner and get one of these jewelry sets for couples: half heart necklaces, promise rings, anniversary date bracelets and more. It’s the most romantic way to show your love and commitment to each other, and it’s a gift that will stay with you both forever.


Personalized Heart Cutout Ring Set

Just like any relationship, these rings are better as a pair. This couple’s ring set really says “together forever”, and it shows just how much you feel like you belong with each other. Each of the rings can have the name and date of your choice, making it a truly unique and special gift. Like all our silver jewelry, you can choose between three metal colors and personalize this set to the max.

Heart ring set for couples
Cutout heart ring set for couples, $84.95


Half Heart Necklace Set

Being one of our classic Valentine’s day gifts, these necklaces are the perfect way to have your loved one always close to you at heart. This beautiful set consists of two half-heart necklaces, each one with one of your names, so you can wear your significant other’s name whenever you’re away from them and know they’re doing the same for you. Nothing says ‘you complete me’ like this stunning heart name necklace set.

Half heart necklace set
His and hers half heart necklace set with names, $74.95

Couples Necklace Set With Vertical Initials

This initial necklace set is the perfect Valentine's day gift for a new relationship. The design of these necklaces are not too overwhelming or romantic; they are discrete and elegant, but still have a personal feel to it. One of the necklaces comes with a regular cable chain, and the other with a thicker rolo chain, more suitable for men. You can choose any two initials to make this a personalized necklace and keep your partner close with you at all times.

Couples initials necklace set
His and hers necklace set with engraced intials, $99.95

Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts 

Not one of those cheesy, sickeningly sweet couples that can’t get their hands off of each other even in front of other people? We get it. But that doesn’t mean your partner expects you to just ignore Valentine’s day altogether. So matching necklaces with both your names engraved on a heart are out of the question, we know, but there are plenty of non-cheesy, cool gifts you can still surprise your person with to show them they’re on your mind this Valentine’s. Go for a simple initial or name necklace, a keychain with a private joke engraved on it, or a pair of beautiful zirconia earrings that you can never go wrong with.

Sideways Initial Necklace

Your initial next to hers, that’s really a simple but meaningful message to let her know you’re serious about her. You can also add the initials of the people who are dearest to her, like family members or friends. 

Multiple initials necklace
Initial necklace with multiple letters, $39.95

Open Ring With Initials

The design in this ring is a combination of elegance, sophistication and moderness. It will definitely be a statement piece that goes perfect with any look. With two initials that only the two of you know the meaning of, this ring is guaranteed to make her love you even more. 

Couple's initials ring
Open ring with cubic zirconia initials, $89.95


Engraved 3D Bar Keychain 

If you two have a private joke or words that only the two of you understand, this keychain is really a perfect choice. She won’t have to wear it like a necklace for everyone to see and ask about, and it will remind her of you every time she pulls out her keys. You can have all four sides of the 3D bar engraved with your names or any other inscription, or just some of the sides. 

Engraved 3D keychain
Engraved keychain with custom text on each side, $49.95


Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts 

At Onecklace we have had the privilege of being part of many Valentine's days over the years. Seeing people purchase a gift that will have a lifetime of meaningful memories for our customers is always a pleasure. These are some of our most popular choices.  


Infinity Necklace with Names 

Forever is a long time, but when you’re with the right person you just know you want to spend all of it with them. Why not let them know that beautiful truth? This necklace represents never ending love and possibilities, and it’s a wonderful way to show your better half just how devoted you are to them. You can complete this look with the rest of our infinity sign jewelry - bracelets, rings, keychains and more.

Infinity necklace with names
Infinity necklace with custom names, $59.95


Birthstone Name Necklace with Underline Heart 

This unique name necklace is a perfect option if you are unsure of what to get your girlfriend for Valentines day. Personalize it with her name but add your birthstone so she can be reminded of you when wearing it, letting her know that you are by her side every step of the way. This is one of our absolute best sellers, so you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Name necklace with birthstone
Name necklace with birthstone and hearts, $55.95

Carrie Necklace

Just like our classic name necklace, this is by far one of our most popular products. It’s elegant but playful, classy and unique. We don’t know a single woman who would say no to this custom name necklace, and our product statistics are here to show it. 

Name necklace
Carrie name necklace in cursive font, $39.95

Non-Jewelry Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

 Spotify Date Custom Keychain 

This is by far one of the most romantic and meaningful gifts we have available - and it’s also a pretty cool trick. See, this keychain is not an ordinary one - it has a scannable code on its top part that opens any song you choose on Spotify. The main part of the keychain is a calendar that shows your anniversary date marked in a cute little heart. We really can’t think of a more adorable gift for your girlfriend!

Custom Spotify song keychain
Spotify code keychain with custom song, $49.95

Dog Tag Picture Keychain

Take your favorite photo of you and your love anywhere you go. Choose the picture that represents a memorable and treasured moment with your significant other, and have it laser engraved on a keychain plate to preserve that moment forever. 

Keychain with custom photo
Custom keychain with photo and engraving, $57.95

And there's so much more!

Have you checked our Valentine’s collection yet? It’s divided by categories and themes, so you can easily find the perfect Valentine’s present for your wife or significant other out of the endless collection. All of our products are affordable, sturdy and offered with free shipping, but also so stunning anyone would be thrilled to have them. Happy shopping!

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