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Signature Necklace

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Celebrate your uniqueness with our one-of-a-kind handwriting necklace. Curated with precision and attention to fine details, the custom handwriting necklace carries your signature gracefully.
The trendy embellishment features a fancy cutout pendant and box chain that looks elegant on every neckline.

Inscribe your signature in your or your favorite person’s handwriting and make an unforgettable statement. Available in premium finishes, the beautiful custom signature nature necklace is affixed to a matching chain.

Upload your signature; our highly skilled artisans will care for the rest. Don’t forget to visit our collection, where you can find highly appealing signature jewelry designs curated especially for you!

Customer Reviews

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Jeanne S.
Dec 2023
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Awesome and so beautiful
Awesome and so beautiful
Jennifer J.
Dec 2022
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Korean Name Necklace
My granddaughter absolutely loves her necklace. There was an error in my original order. A replacement was re sent at no extra cost and I was permitted to keep the original necklace. The quality is very good and the craftsmanship superb. The shipping time was a bit slow but worth the wait. Great customer service, responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this store and products and will definitely be ordering my in the future. Jenny J
Sep 2022
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Great craftsmanship, matched signature perfect! Quick shipping. Second one I’ve bought for my daughters birthdays!
Dorothy M.
May 2021
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Amazing product! So personal! So beautiful!
I had my father’s signature from my parent’s wedding licence made into a necklace for my mother for their 63rd wedding anniversary this year. My father has Alzheimer’s. This necklace is a beautiful memento of the life they built together. It helps that my father’s penmanship is exquisite.
Misty W.
Mar 2021
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
This product is amazing. My grandmother that passed recently I took one of the cards that she sent me and I got a signature of her saying love G ma xoxo. It was so special it arrived on her actual birthday it was wonderful I love it so much and it means so much to me I will be ordering again
Sheryl D.
Dec 2020
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Superb product and customer service!
First of all, the necklace is so beautiful and they did an incredible job! My daughter loves it and loves the fact that it is my handwriting. I had a problem with the order at first (my fault) and they worked with me to resolve it and to get it to me in time for Christmas -- something I had not dared to hope for. Customer service is the best I have ever experienced. I am recommending this company to everyone! I wish I could give 10 stars!!!
Lester L.
Dec 2019
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Came out Amazing
Ordered 3 and they turned out great. The turn around time was quick too.
Eriny F.
Nov 2019
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Coptic Signature
I am so thankful for oNecklace! They were able to work with me and customize a necklace that many other companies refused/ did not have the tools to do. Not only were they easy to communicate with and responded in a timely manner but they also did an amazing job with the necklace!
Alison B.
Aug 2019
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
I was apprehensive about choosing a company to make a necklace with my late father in laws hand writing on it. I was delighted when the necklace arrived...the quality is superb.
Missy M.
May 2018
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
So pleased with my signature necklaces! I purchased 3 so far with 3 more to go! My grandmother passed away a few years ago and we miss her terribly. So I decided to purchase the signature necklaces for the women in my family with her “I Love You” signature. Giving one to my daughter as she graduates from college, one to my niece at her wedding, one each to my mom, my aunt, my sister, and myself will not only mark special occasions but also remind us of Nanny’s unconditional love. Thank you for this amazing product!
Missy W.
Dec 2017
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Perfect gift!
My husband passed away 2 weeks before Christmas. I found where he wrote our dughter’s Name on a letter and took a picture. It turned out exactly like his writing! She was so excited to open this up and see her name in daddy’s handwriting on Christmas morning! Now she will always have a little piece of him with her!
Amrit .
Dec 2017
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star Gray Star
I love it!!!
My father Passed away over three years ago and I thought it would be a nice little gesture to carry his signature with me. And when I received my necklace it looked just like his signature. They did an amazing job and I have received so many compliments everywhere I go with this necklace. I love it so much I am going to order a gold one as well!
Dec 2016
yellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Staryellow Star
Oh my teary eye when i got this
it's so beautiful I made a necklace out of my bf's signature. it's so beautiful. thank you
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