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Benefits Of Lab Grown Gems

Making large purchases can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. An example of a large investment that sneaks up on people is jewelry. This can either be a life-changing purchase such as wedding rings or something more straightforward to accessorize for special occasions. So, when walking into the jewelry store, it is better to do some research on what can be affordable but also maintain the desired quality.

Lab-grown gems are becoming more popular as there are negativities that surround mined gemstones. Lab-grown gems are just that, gems that are grown in a lab. They are not cubic zirconia; they are, in fact, chemically identical to the mined gemstones that can take years to form and are becoming rarer to find. They are created within weeks and may only be identified by a highly trained eye with special tools.

Mined gems, because they are created by the earth, are usually flawed. They will come with defects and dirt within the clarity of the gem. Their origins can be vague and may support warlords and deterioration to the environment. Lab-grown gems eliminate all of these risks.

Improved Quality

When looking for the best gem to purchase, jewelers will enforce the four C’s, which are:

  • Cut
  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Carat

Since lab-grown gems are created in a controlled environment, they are able to maintain the standards of these guidelines. These particular gems are created brighter, and whiter, making jewelry such as rings really stand out with their sophistication and beauty.


Mined gems created within the earth are becoming a rarity to find. During the mining process, gem mining creates the largest holes dug for mining. This means larger machinery and more fossil fuels to run those machines. This process not only destroys trees and but ruins the natural habitats for a lot of animals. Lab-grown gems do not create this problem, as they pose no environmental damage.

Since they are created in a lab, they are made vegan and are produced with renewable energy. With the lab able to synthesize these gems within weeks, manufacturers eliminate all the threats to the environment and sustain supply and demand for the consumer.

Ethical Origins

In 2006, the controversial movie “Blood Diamonds” opened many eyes to the issues that surround gem mining in other countries. Some diamonds are being mined and sold to support civil war militia and warlords. As the movie depicts, a lot of people have died horrible deaths over these gems.

Lab-grown gems like that can be found in high quality necklacesand bracelets are known for a fact not to come from conflicted areas. They are produced in a lab, so they do not fund armed militia and are not a source of child labor, human rights violations, or poor working conditions.

There are some labs that are creating certificates of authenticity. The manufacturer knows all the paper trails of their gems and can provide the consumer with the certificate. This will ensure and comfort people in a guilt-free transaction.


“A Diamond is Forever” was a marketing tactic by the Debeers Diamond Company, which was founded in the late 1800s on a South African farm in order to boost diamond sales. At the time, the company controlled 90% of the diamond trade in the world. The slogan formulated the song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend,” thus creating the myth that diamonds are the only accurate representation of a person’s love. However, there are couples that are married a quarter of a century before they can afford a diamond ring, and the basis of their marriage is love, not diamonds.

The creation of gems within a lab eliminates a lot of processing steps that mined gems have. The only cost incurred for the manufacturer is that in the production process, whereas mined gems have a lot of expenses just for the rarity of the gems. Therefore lab-grown gems can be found at a significantly decreased cost, almost a 40% reduction in price than that of mined gems.

The decrease in cost for an item that is chemically the same with better quality will allow the consumer to purchase the jewelry that they wish. They could afford a bigger carat or a better-quality material for the band. Due to the affordability of the lab-grown gems, they could even inquire about customization of the band and the gems.


A lot of jewelry, such as necklaces, can be customized for the consumer, such as those found at. Because of the lab environment these gems are created in; there is a lot of control in not only the cut but the color as well. One out of one hundred thousand mined diamonds will have a rare color, with red being the rarest. These gems can be sold anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,000.

With lab-grown gems becoming more popular and able to produce colored gems, they create not only the availability of these gems but the affordability of them. The most significant benefit of lab-grown gems is the ability to create precisely what the consumer wants, which makes a perfect, more personalized gift for a loved one.

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