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Last-Minute Gift Guide

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Every Special Occasion

Some people are so last minute. And some people are just impossible to buy for. It can be a real struggle sometimes to buy the perfect gift for someone, be it a partner, parent or friend. We want to make sure it’s just right for them. If you have ever found yourself watching the days tick away and you still haven’t bought that gift, there’s no need to panic.

We have devised the perfect guide to help you come up with last-minute gift ideas for every special occasion and for all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter whether that person loves to spend their time outdoors with nature, inside curled up with a good book, or getting busy with arts and crafts. Everybody is different and that’s why there is a perfect gift for everyone.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or you’ve found it’s December again already and the holidays are nearly upon us, then don’t worry – this is the last-minute gift guide for you.

DIY Gift Ideas

Choosing what to buy for somebody can be a difficult task, so why not make them a perfect last-minute gift. Let loose on your creative side and make a gift that will have sentimental value. Handmade DIY gifts are one-of-a-kind present that show you know the person’s personality, their tastes and what they like and don’t like. They may even save you some money, making them yourself.

  1. Soap - Homemade soaps are a great personal gift that are surprisingly easy to make at home using simple items you could find in your kitchen. Scent them any way you want and give a stunning gift.
  2. Mugs – Nobody can ever have too many mugs. A homemade mug gift is a perfect way to ensure your gift is used and you are thought of every time they have that cup of tea or coffee.
  3. Magnets – Magnets are another great way to show off your arts and crafts skills while making sure to give a gift that will have meaning and be appreciated.
  4. Homemade food – Revel in your kitchen skills and create a homemade food gift such as jams or marmalades. They are sure to go down a hit and are a delicious way to show you care!
  5. Candles – Candles are a perfect and relaxing gift, so make them even better by making them yourself, from scratch. They can be made with simple household items and you can scent them with whatever scent you choose.

Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalized gift ideas are perfect whatever the special occasion. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but they are a gift designed and made specifically for that person, and show how much you care. Perfect for, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or ,anniversary, personalized gifts let someone know they are extra special.

  1. Picture frames – Keep your photos alive with a personalized picture frame - a gorgeous gift that look good in every home. You can personalize however you want – get names etched or engraved, make them personal for ,parents or grandparents or your other half, for a truly memorable gift.
  2. Jewelry – Jewelry is a pure expression of personality - it shows off the character of whoever is wearing it. If you know that person well and for a special occasion, treat them to a customized piece of jewelry with a name, date, or picture for a gift they are sure to love. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are a beautiful way to show you care.
  3. Signs - Something to hang up and show off proudly, personalized signs will look great at the entrance to a house, or hung on a bedroom door. Customize with names or photos for a unique and personal gift. .
  4. Bookmarks – For the book lover you know, get their favorite quote or author engraved onto a personalized bookmark they will definitely use over and over again and is sure to go down a hit.
  5. Wallet – Another day-to-day item that can be made extra special by personalizing it however you want, it is a useful gift that will get plenty of use, and make sure you are kept in mind every time it is used.

Last-Minute Tech Gifts

Whether we are on our phones, tablets and laptops for work or leisure, technology is an important part our lives. Gadgets are constantly in use, both at home and out and about. So keeping up-to-date with the latest tech can make life and work both easier, and a little bit cooler, making these tech ideas perfect for a last-minute gift for any occasion.

  1. Power banks – Never run out of any battery on the go with a power bank. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, power banks are a universal gift that anyone can appreciate and get use out of.
  2. Phone accessories – Phone accessories are a nice way to spice up your phone, and make a useful and handy gift- for something a little extra special, certain products like phone covers or charms can be personalized too.
  3. Touchscreen gloves – Need to keep those hands nice and warm while on the go and using your touchscreen? Stylish yet comfortable, touchscreen gloves are an awesome gift that shows you put a little thought into it.
  4. Travel adapter – A useful gift for anyone who is always traveling around a lot and needs multiple adapters. It might sound mundane, but you can get some very fancy ones nowadays.
  5. Smartphone projector – An incredible gadget that lets you multiply your smartphone screen to several times its size, sit back and watch what you want in a fun style. Smartphone projectors are perfect for the movie lover you know!

Beauty and Fashion Gift Ideas

The classic go-to for last-minute gifts for any occasion, fashion and beauty gifts can be a stunning choice for someone you are really close to like a partner, or smart and simple for a friend. What could be a better way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day than with a piece of jewelry or make-up? Whoever you are buying for, fashion and beauty gifts are the perfect way to show how much a relationship means to you and show that you care.

  1. Jewelry – The ultimate in relationship gifts, nothing says ‘I love you’ like jewelry. Whether you opt for necklaces, bracelets or rings, the choices are endless. Gold and silver will always be the most popular, but there are so many different materials to choose from, any piece of jewelry is sure to go down a hit. Jewelry pieces are timeless, and you can make it extra special by getting it personalized for a unique touch.
  2. Purses – To treat that special someone, purses or handbags are a good choice, and most come in sets, allowing you to get two gifts in for the price of one!
  3. Make-up – With such an array of make-up available, it’s almost impossible to get this one wrong. You can opt for something individual you might know they want, but there are plenty of box sets available that offer several products as a beautiful gift.
  4. Skincare - If you are looking for a perfect gift, skincare products are a great little treat that often come in stunning box sets. There is a whole range of different products available and being both attractive and useful, they will definitely be appreciated.
  5. Bath set – Treating someone to a bath set will let them soak in a long hot, tub surrounded by oils, bath bombs and candles and all the essentials needed to enjoy themselves. A soothing gift that is always appreciated.

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Nowadays, everybody is trying to be a bit more conscious of taking care of the Earth. We are more considerate of what materials we use and where they come from and the same is true of the gifts we give. Sustainable gifts can be made from specific, reusable items, or they can just simply cut down on all the extra trimmings and packaging that so many of us throw away. Whatever it is, it is helping take care of the environment.

  1. Reusable kitchen bags – As more and more stores charge for plastic bags, reusable bags have become a staple item when going shopping. Handy and good for the environment, reusable bags have become a great gift with leading brands getting in on the action
  2. Lab-grown gems – Lab-grown gems are stones created in a laboratory. Exactly the same as natural gems, they are more environmentally friendly as they have no bearing on natural resources - no mines are dug and there is far less pollution. They make a perfect gift for the environmentally-friendly jewel lover.
  3. Recycled clothes – Breaking down old, worn material and reusing it for new clothes. Sounds a good idea, right? Several companies specialize in making good-looking recycled clothing which makes it a perfect gift for those who want to reuse instead of waste.
  4. Solar-powered charger – Savvy tech gadgets that can save on using electricity and are environmentally friendly, they are perfect when up and on the move. Just make it’s sunny when in use!
  5. Purses or bags – Want to know if your purse or bag saved a life? It may have done if it's made out of reused fire hose. Gifts made out of fire hoses are a wonderful way to keep using material and have the added benefit of being water resistant.

Gift Ideas for Handy People

More and more, people are opting for the DIY approach

  1. Workbenches – A must-have for anyone who needs their own work space, workbenches provide a perfect working surface sure to delight anyone who loves their DIY.
  2. Drill set – Nothing says “handyman” like owning a drill set. From the simple to the more extensive, these sets can come in a thousand different ways and each one can make the perfect gift.
  3. Screwdriver set – Another must-have item for anyone who does their own handywork, screwdriver sets come in stunning cases with everything laid out for you. They look great, they work great, and they make a wonderful gift.
  4. Work Belt – Stylish, durable and more than useful, work belts are a handy gift for that DIY enthusiast who has too many tools to know where to put them all.
  5. Multi-tool penknife – A multi-tool penknife can have a million different uses around the house or workshop. Most come in designed cases and make for a good-looking gift.

Gifts for the Outdoors-type

  1. Backpack – Keeping everything safe and sound outdoors is vital. Backpacks come in many different shapes, sizes and have different uses. For that outdoor-loving friend it would make a well-appreciated gift.
  2. Clothes – For anyone who loves to roam outdoors, clothing is especially important. Whatever the weather, there is always a need to be properly dressed. From jackets to socks to pants, the options for a gift are endless.
  3. Compass – The optimum gift for anyone who loves hiking and getting lost in nature, the compass is a classic that not only looks great, it is rather useful too and makes for a meaningful gift!
  4. Camping stove – Light, portable, and a necessity if a coffee is needed first thing in the morning, camping stoves are such an awesome gift for the camper. Easy-to-use, they’ll let you heat up your food or drink wherever you are, whenever you want.
  5. Flask – Like the camping stove, if you are out and about you will need a flask to keep that hot drink hot or that cold drink cold. Flasks can come in a wide range of sizes and designs, but are always loved by anyone who spends their time outdoors.
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