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Layered Necklace Guide

Layered necklace fever has truly gripped the fashion world. With the onset of the bling culture in music, and the ever-growing desire for the latest trend, showing off as much of your jewelry as possible is the thing to do and layered necklaces are the thing to have. Where once one necklace would have been enough, it is now the style to combine and mix and match all those different necklaces.
oNecklace has a variety of layered necklaces to suit every style and taste.

What Is a Layered Necklace??

To put it simply, a layered necklace means wearing more than one necklace combined. Whether it is picking several of your favorite necklaces to create your own unique style, or buying a layered necklace as one piece, the layered necklace creates a great look that can be truly your own.

Mixing chains of different lengths shows off each necklace individually while combining them together for a unique look. Different materials, such as gold, sterling silver or rose gold, also allows you to show off each contrasting necklace so that every piece gets attention.

Different styles also go well together when making a stacked necklace. You can mix and match with any number of styles such as a simple chain, a pendant or bar, and even those chunkier pieces all add to the attraction. Wearing a layered necklace opens up so many possibilities.

The beauty of layered necklaces is it allows you to show off all the different aspects of your personality in one, great fashion look.

Layerd Neckalces

Different Types of Layered Necklaces

There are so many different types of necklaces out there, it is up to what you want to put together to make your layered necklace but here are some tips on the different styles that you can use.

A collar necklace is an ornament that sits tight against the skin on the neck, resting directly above the collarbone. Collar was once used to describe all necklaces but today is usually meant to describe a piece that lies flat to the body rather than hanging freely. In contemporary jewelry, collar necklaces are thick, like the collar on a shirt, and can measure from 12" to 16". They should not be confused with a choker necklace.

Choker necklaces have been in and out of fashion for hundreds of years. Slightly longer than collar necklaces, a choker also goes tight against the skin, but usually sits below the collarbone, showing off the neckline for a sensual look. Choker necklaces have traditionally been made out of many different materials and can incorporate other styles by adding pendants, bars or stones to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be layered with anything. Choker necklace lengths traditionally measure from 14" to 16".

The coin necklace is a popular starting point for layered necklaces. Whilst the chain can be whatever length you desire the focal point of the coin necklace is obviously the coin. Coin necklaces have been worn for thousands of years to bring luck and good fortune to the wearer, and add a personal touch to any piece. Ancient coins, such as Roman or Ancient Greek, have come into popularity nowadays, but any coin can be used in a layered coin necklace for a great look.

The great thing about coin necklaces is the variety that can come with them. Usually in gold or silver, you can mix the styles to wear a coin necklace with almost anything and for almost any occasion. Longer necklace styles, such as a lariat or opera, are great to complete that layered necklace look. Ranging anywhere from 20" up to 36" these pieces sit looser and more freely on the body, between the bust and the naval. The longer lengths help to show off the contrasting styles between all the different types used to make your layered necklace. Mix and match with texture, colors and styles to create the look that you truly want.

What To Wear With a Layered Necklace?

The beauty of layered necklaces really is that they will look great on any occasion. Your jewelry and clothing should work well together, spotlighting your features instead of working against each other, so it is important to get the right style for those layered necklaces. For those smarter times consider what kind of shirt and neckline you will be wearing. A shirt with an open collar will emphasize your neckline so show off those collar or choker pieces combined with a longer necklace. For those wintery days, a top like a turtle neck sweater is perfect and because it covers all the neck it helps to underline the different lengths of your chains, accentuating all the different accessories.

When going more casual, it is also important to remember the length of your neckline. Keep it trendy by making sure your neckline is shown off by the right necklaces.

Many people follow the "rule of three" when layering necklaces, with three different styles, lengths or colors. Whilst there is no definite way or number of necklaces to wear, even those who wish to show off more than three necklaces stick to between three and five, so as not to overcomplicate things.

How To Keep a Layered Necklace From Tangling

To prevent tangling in your layered necklace, it is always best to keep mixing the longer and shorter necklaces so that there is a gap between them. Try and keep between 1 to 2 fingers apart when layering.

Weight is also an important factor. Heavier pieces will sit tighter and flatter against the skin, preventing them from drooping and tangling with other necklaces. Balancing the weight doesn't necessarily mean a large stone - tighten the necklace with a pendant or bar for a great look.

The thickness of the chain is also something to consider. Thinner chains are more likely to tangle with each other so consider wearing a thicker chain, such as a choker or collar piece, accompanied by a thick necklace like a rope chain.

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