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Easy DIY Costume Ideas for Halloween 2021

According to a popular Celtic legend on Halloween night, not only the spirits of the dead, but all kinds of entities from the spiritual realms could roam the Earth. Did you know the creators of this celebration used  masks and disguises to flee from the ghosts? They followed this ritual, motivated by fear of spirits and the dark. 

This is how Halloween became a tradition till this day, but we have given a more fun and exciting approach to this date. We use it as a driver to stimulate our creativity and spend time with those we love. From the spooky decorations, to the endless sweets and outrageous costumes, Halloween is for sure one of the best holidays of the year. 

So the perfect time has come to get spooky and begin prepping a head turning look  for October 31st. We get it- time tends to eat us up, leading us to look for a last minute  costume. Yet we still desire to astonish the crowd. The intention is to reinvent ourselves without the need to invest hundreds of dollars. Here are our top 10 Halloween costume ideas for 2021. 


goth halloween costume

If you want a look that represents darkness, sophistication and elegance, this is a great opportunity to show off your classy and slightly spooky goth outfits. No goth costume is complete without a few halloween accessories, though. You can't go wrong with a choker and some cross earrings to pair the look.

Goth Choker Name NecklaceGothic Cross Earrings


Gothic Cross Earrings





Mad Scientist

This is the ideal costume for those with very little time on their hands. Just  grab that old white coat that you used in your lab class in high school, some black rubber gloves that are easily available at any supermarket, ruffle your hair and you're more than ready to rock this look. If you want to go the extra mile add a serotonin necklace to polish the outfit. 

Serotonin Molecule Necklace

Serotonin Necklace



Mean Girls' Regina George

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People will not be able to take their eyes off of you when they see this look, and yes! Your only option will be to tell them "why are you so obsessed with me?” Just like Regina to Janis. 

You can easily find this outfit in your closet, especially the skirt, the bag and the sweater. You can go DIY with the shirt and write the quote by hand with an inexpensive fabric marker.  This look would not be complete without the iconic initial necklace  Regina wears throughout the whole movie.

Initial Pendant Necklace



Daphne & Velma

Who didn't love Velma and Daphne's friendship in Scooby Doo? This clever and trendy look is great to show off with your best friend. Both of you can make the halloween experience much more enjoyable by going shopping to find the items for the perfect costume. Your go to affordable stores for these types of clothes can be  Forever21, H&M and  Rue 21.

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Timmy and Trixie from The Fairly OddParents

This is one of many Halloween costume ideas for couples.  If you are thinking of dressing up with that special person this is a perfect and affordable idea. Like many of the previous costumes this too can be easy to execute. Despite the simplicity of the costume you will definitely make an impression in the eyes of others. 

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Willy Wonka

Following Timothée Chalamet's recent viral Willy Wonka post, this one's a guranteed hit. Iconic, innovative and simple, this costume idea is great for those who prefer not to go overboard but still fancy making an impression. Despite the simplicity of the costume, never forget to pay attention to detail. The white glasses, the cane and most important the insignia on the neck is what makes this costume unique and dandy.

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Script Initial Necklace



Tinkerbell-Style Fairy

Perfect for your group of friends, these costumes are colorful, playful and spirited. The great benefit of this idea is you can find the dresses with great ease. Perhaps you can incorporate some  jewelry like earrings, bracelets and necklaces which will make the outfits stand out and look even more radiant. Remember to always have fun with the looks, dressing up is always an adventure. How about making a tradition among your friends? Exchanging jewelry is one of many clever halloween gift ideas, it also adds that pinch of fun to the whole experience.

Butterfly Earrings


Heart Cubic Zirconia Diamond Earrings



angel halloween costume

You can always benefit from that old tutu you have hidden deep in your drawers. Don't worry if this item is not in your closet, you can actually get creative with the look and have a vast variety of other options to wear, perhaps a white silk dress, or a white flowy skirt. Adding the perfect accessories is also vital to make your look feel  elegant and refined. If you do not wish to spend  great amounts of money,  don't forget to DIY it by making your very own angel wings.  

Angel Wing Bracelet


Angel Wing Swarovski Name Necklace



witch halloween costume

This is by far  the easiest costume idea. Every girl has to have at least one  black dress in their closet. Just put it on, add black stockings, Halloween jewelry like dainty cat earrings, run to your nearest retail store, buy the most affordable witch hat you can find and you are more than ready to go. Trust me, you can never go wrong with this look. If you want to be a bit more extra make sure to go bold with your makeup. It doesn't get much more sinister than a matte black lip and a thick winged liner.

Cat Earrings


Opal Necklace


Name Choker Necklace



mermaid halloween costume

Make sure to make this halloween a DIY Halloween by creating an entire costume from scratch. This idea is the perfect example if you have extra time and would like to develop your sense of creativity. It is fascinating how far our imagination can go in times like these. You can achieve a striking under the sea look  by creating your very mermaid bra and tail. It may take time but the results are astonishing. To wrap up the look, opt for some discreet accessories such as a seashell necklace, which will add a flirty touch to the outfit.

Personalized Seashell necklace


Anchor Bracelet


Star Stud Earrings


Just have fun with it

“Imagination is the beginning of creation”, said George Bernard Shaw, and we couldn't agree more. Don't let your costume be just a simple costume. Make sure this Halloween you give it your own touch, allow it to tell a story and convey emotions, let your imagination run wild. We hope you got inspired with these easy halloween costumes we thought about just for you. Remember; you don’t need a lot to make an impact, but details do matter, just have fun with it. 


Photo credits: arya reddejavuMikhail NilovThirdmanBecerra Govea Photo, Pexels

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