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Where can I buy engraved leather bracelets?
If you want to get your hands on top-quality engraved bracelets that not only add stars to your wardrobe but also your personality, give our handcrafted engraved leather bracelet a chance! Artisans at ONecklace ensure your ordered bracelet is custom created with an engraving of your choice. Moreover, you can choose from a large library of design giving you enough room to be creative and in tune with fashion trends.
How do you clean engraved leather bracelets?
You can clean engraved leather bracelets or other soft leather with special soap or light-colored nail polish. It is important to mention that soap and nail polish evaporate over time and will leave behind a visible film. Clean engraved leather bracelets by pouring warm water into the container and adding three drops of mild dish soap. Soak your bracelet for about 30 seconds, then rinse with clear water. always coat the bracelet.
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