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Necklace Chain Types

With many fashion necklaces out in the market, the necklace chain is a part of it that is often overlooked. Most people, especially women, focus most of the time on the necklace charm or pendants. Some individuals, though, who are planning or ready to purchase a necklace they can wear with most of their everyday outfits and as a part of their classic accessory pieces, will find that knowing the various chain types will make their buying experience better and easier.

There's no agreed naming rule or standard regarding necklace chain names. Travel and decide to buy a necklace chain in another region or continent. You may find that it's named differently in that place. Hence, it's better to know how it looks and how to describe a certain chain you like. Let's get to know the various types of chains and some information on each. You will soon find out that finding the right necklace chain that suits you makes a big difference in the overall appeal of the necklace.

Box Chain

Also known as square link chain, briolette, or Venetian chain. It is made from a flattened round wire, formed into a square or box-like shape, and then interlinked. It is an exceptionally strong chain because each square link is sturdy. This type of chain is a usual favorite, especially with pendant necklaces. Small box chains exude a smooth and sleek appearance, while big box chains give a more rough and chunky look.
This type of chain is also popularly known as the link chain and has many variations. It is characterized by individual or oval links that are uniformly shaped, sized, and interlocked alternately in a horizontal and vertical direction. It is the most basic open-linked style chain. It is the most common type of jewelry chain, perfect for simple necklaces like names, bars, charms, and other pendant necklaces.

Box Chain

Cable Chain

This type of chain is also popularly known as the link chain and has many variations. It is characterized by individual or oval links that are uniformly shaped, sized, and interlocked alternately in a horizontal and vertical direction. It is the most basic open-linked style chain. It is the most common type of jewelry chain, perfect for simple necklaces like name, bar, charm, and other pendant necklaces.

Cable Chain

Common Variations of the Cable Chain:

  • Curb Chain

    A variation of the cable chain wherein uniformly sized oval or round links have been twisted and usually diamond cut to interlock and lie flat on a surface. It is a chain type favoured by both women and men, especially if made with large links and women.

  • Double Cable Chain

    Since it's a variation of the chain link, it follows a repeating pattern of interconnected round or oval links. As the name suggests, the round or oval links are doubled.

Cuban Chain

Cuban chains are popular due to their oval-shaped interconnected links. This chain type is bold and thicker than the other chains mentioned here. This perfectly masculine chain type looks amazing with or without the pendant. Cuban chain looks great near in shorter length and adds uniqueness to every dress.

Cuban Chain

Figaro Chain

A variation of the cable chain is more like a curb chain, except that the oval or round links are not uniformly sized or shaped. The pattern elongates every after the third or fifth link. This type of cable link variation originated in Italy. Traditional Figaro chains are made with thicker wire, so it's considered a sturdy chain.

Figaro chain necklace:

Following is a great Figaro Chain example: Thin Figaro Chain
The Figaro chain is a simple yet classic accessory that completes your looks without trying too much. It looks amazing on both men and women. Be it a date night or a boys' day out, the Figaro chain looks superb with causal dressing.

Figaro Chain

Rolo Chain

Also known as the belcher chain. It is characterized by its flat circular or oval links that are connected. The links of a rolo chain are usually smaller in length and thicker in circumference than a typical cable chain. It is a popular type of chain used in men's jewelry, but some charm bracelets or name necklaces for women use a modified style where in links are shaped like doughnuts.

Rolo Chain

Rolo Man

Rolo man chain has a distinctive design crafted to bring out the right many touches in your personality. The design is like the original rolo chain. The only difference is that it has a bold look suitable for men of all ages. It is ideal for those who love casual dressing and accessorizing daily.

Rolo Main Chain


A paperclip chain typically refers to a series of paperclips linked together to form a continuous chain-like structure. It involves connecting the ends of one paperclip through the loops of another, creating a linked sequence. The process can be repeated to extend the chain further.

Paperclip Chain

Anchor Chain

Also known as the marine/mariner chain. It is a classic jewelry chain characterized by repeating oval links that are uniformly sized and arranged alternately in a horizontal and vertical orientation with a vertical bar in the middle of each link. The chain design was inspired by the chain used to attach an anchor to a boat, which is why it is considered one of the strongest chain types. Variations of the anchor chain are flat anchor chain, where the outer chain links have flat surfaces, and round anchor chain, where the outer surface is slightly rounded.

Ball Chain

Also known as bead chain and pulling chain. It is a chain composed of tiny metal spheres or small balls of metal that can be solid or hollow to reduce weight. Each metal sphere is joined by small lengths of wire. This kind of chain is used most in holding IDs or key chains.

Bar Chain

Also known as a link and bar chain. This chain type comprises small circular or oval links or jump rings connecting metal bar links. The metal bar links can be curved, twisted, hollow, solid, elongated, or a combination of shapes. Still, the most common would be a straight bar. This chain type is visually interesting; however, since the jump rings are smaller than the bars connect, it's not as strong as other chains.

Byzantine Chain

Also known as idiot's delight chain, birdcage chain, and King's braid chain. It is made of either oval or round links in pairs that are joined in an alternate horizontal and vertical manner wherein each link connects to four other links. Because of its complex interlocking technique, the final product is sturdy and has a very detailed rope-like shape. Since its design uses more metal per link, it is a little more expensive than other necklace chains of the same width and length.

Espiga Chain

This type of chain is also popularly known as wheat and Spiga chains. It got its name as the links resemble the interspersed grains on the head of a wheat stalk, and espiga is the Spanish term for wheat. The design of the chain is beautiful enough to wear alone. The chain comprises small oval links with intertwined twists of metal holding them together. At the same time, some describe the pattern as linked small figures of the number eight.

Herringbone Chain

This chain type is formed from V-shaped links to lay flat on a surface. The direction of the V-shaped links alternate with each row, creating a herringbone pattern. It is considered the type of chain with the greatest fluid effect. Thin strands of herringbone chains can be twisted together for a more interesting visual effect.

Herringbone Chain

Hexagon Chain

More commonly known as the snake chain, but it is also called the Brazilian chain, round maille chain, and star weave chain. A snake chain comprises smooth rings or bands that slightly curve at the middle part, and each ring fits closely together. The chain appears as a flexible tube with a similar texture to snakeskin. This type of chain is usually delicate and thin.

Rope Chain

Rope chains are multiple links attached to each link, turning each link a little or weaved together so that the final result looks like a rope. Two different colored metals may be used to have a more interesting look.


How do I choose the right necklace chain type for my pendant?

When choosing the right length for the pendant, consider the pendant size and weight, the necklace's style, your preferences, and the occasions you want to wear the necklace. This metal type complements the pendants and the desired length and thickness of the chain. Ultimately, it's about finding a chain type that enhances the pendant's appearance and aligns with your style and needs.

What is the difference between a cable chain and a box chain?

A cable chain comprises oval or round interconnected links, while a box chain has square or cube-shaped inks. Cable chain has a classic and uniform look, while box chains offer a more modern and angular appearance. Moreover, cable chains are more durable than box chains. The choice between the two depends on personal style preferences and the desired aesthetics.

Are there any necklace chain types that are more durable or stronger than others?

Box, rolo, Figaro, and Cuban chains are the most durable. If crafted from premium materials, the chain does not break easily.

Which necklace chain types are best for everyday wear?

Cable, rolo, and box chains are ideal for everyday wear for durability and versatility.

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