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A Diamond Necklace is affordable, read and change your mind

For centuries a diamond necklace was impossible to buy due the lack of recognition of all the grades of stones, now it changed, find why.

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend making Diamond necklaces highly desirable and exquisite. It is also an excellent way to show your loved one how much you care. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect diamond necklace that is within your budget. This article will give you tips on how to pick a diamond necklace that is both affordable and beautiful.

About Diamond Necklaces:

Diamonds are one of the most popular stones in jewelry. They are formed deep inside the Earth's crust and are brought to the surface by volcanoes or other geological processes.

There are two types of diamonds: natural and synthetic. Natural diamonds form about 90% of all diamonds found on Earth, mined from deep within the Earth's mantle. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, can be created in a lab by replicating natural processes.

Depending on their use, diamonds can be classified as either gemstones or industrial stones. Gemstones are more valuable than industrial stones because they have more aesthetic value. Industrial stones have a lower value because they're not made for beauty but instead for their hardness.

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What to look for in an affordable diamond necklace?

The proper chain size:

Diamond necklaces give one room to be creative with their jewelry as the exquisite item is not one piece fits all. You can hang the pendant at the height you like by choosing from different lengths. The standard chain size is 18"; however, you can choose up to 22".

The diamond necklace should ideally be the center of your neckline. Our chains come with tiny adjustable links at the back of the chain, letting you adjust your necklace accordingly. Here is the three-length classification of diamond necklaces:

  • Opera Length (22 inches).
  • Princess Length (18 inches).
  • Standard Length (16 inches).
  • Types of diamond necklaces:

    Journey necklace:

    This jewelry represents one or many aspects of a wearer's life. For instance, you will find many intimate jewelry items at our store, like a mother-daughter necklace with a diamond. Each journey necklace represents the beautiful yet special bond between two dear relationships, like mother and daughter, in the form of charms. You can find many other necklaces like them that represent a journey through love and life. It compliments your personality and adds just the right sparkle to your outfit.

    Initials and name necklace:

    Initial necklaces are not only our specialty but also the perfect way for you to show your uniqueness. The expressive pendant comes in all sizes and shapes, making customization convenient for you. You can turn the necklace into an exquisite jewelry item with sparkling diamond stones.

    Solitaire necklace:

    These necklaces have one diamond gemstone pendant hanging in the middle of a complimentary chain. It is a minimalistic and delicate necklace that adds luxury to any neckline. Besides, our store features the most alluring solitaire necklace that holds your diamond most gloriously.

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    Choose the base material of the pendant:

    Pendants come in different material options that allow the wearer to present themselves how they like. You need to be more aware of the base material, especially for affordable diamond necklaces, so that you land upon the classy yet affordable option. Here are the material choices you will find:

    Sterling silver:

    Silver is a precious metal used for making diamond jewelry for ages. The primary use of silver after the manufacturing of coinage is jewelry making. The necklaces containing silver are sparkly, long-lasting, and hypoallergenic.

    Rose Gold:

    Rose gold is an alloy made from yellow gold, copper, copper, and silver. The metal has a slightly pinkish tone. The jewelry made from rose gold does not tarnish with time and is very strong.

    24k gold:

    24k gold jewelry contains 100% gold and has a certain softness. However, the hypoallergenic nature of the jewelry makes it perfect, premium, and exquisite in nature. Besides, the diamond pendant looks out of this world when complemented with gold jewelry.

    14k white gold:

    14k white gold jewelry is a perfect blend of affordability, price, and longevity. It is almost 58% sturdier than gold. It is an alloy of pure gold, zinc, nickel, and copper. 14 karat is 58.3% gold, and 18 karat is 75% gold. The jewelry looks beautiful and alluring with the presence of a diamond.

    14k gold:

    It is the most used gold jewelry setting. Besides that, it has 58% gold along with 41.7% alloy. The 14k gold jewelry is shiny and yellower than 10k gold but not as vibrant as 24k gold.

    Bail style:

    Although bails are tiny attachment, it has the potential to add a premium finish to your diamond necklace. The robust premium bails keep the diamond pendants intact and prevent breakage. Therefore, you must know about the following types of bails you can find in your necklace:

    Pinch Bail:

    Pinch bail has two pegs facing each other in the inner corner. The pinch bail comes in different measurements. Although it looks good, it is not sturdy enough to hold a premium diamond pendant.

    Standard bail:

    The bail has a drop ring opening that makes the pendant easily slip through the chain. The simple tension in the bail makes it a sturdy option as it closes on its own and holds the diamond pendant elegantly.

    Wired bail:

    Wired Bails are worldly attachments usually handcrafted by the artisan to give the necklace a personalized touch. The Wired bails look excellent on custom diamond necklaces.

    Ring bail:

    Ring bails are the most frequently used bails for a diamond necklace. The rounded design timelessly holds both pendant and chain and keeps the charm centered.

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    When to buy a diamond necklace?

    Diamond Jewelry compliments your personality on all occasions. Whether you are looking for a diamond pendant to gift to someone or as a perfect retreat for yourself, a diamond pendant is an heirloom-quality staple jewelry piece. Following are some special occasions when people buy diamond pendants more frequently:

  • Birthdays.
  • Anniversary gift.
  • Valentine's day.
  • Birthday.
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
  • Retirement.
  • Job Promotions.
  • Engagement.
  • Religious Holidays (Hanukah, Christmas, Eid, and others).
  • Wedding Day.
  • Quinceanera.
  • First Job.
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    The top ten affordable diamond necklaces

    1. Diamond Necklace - April Birthstone Necklace

    The diamond necklace is the ultimate representation of eternal love and strength. The beautiful necklace holds a gemstone in the middle. The diamond in this exceptionally intricate necklace is lab-created, thus making it echo-friendly yet an affordable alternative.

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    2. 14K Gold Diamond Name Necklace:

    Flaunt your uniqueness with the diamond name necklace. Customize up to 9 letters of any word or name closer to your heart. Each necklace contains a diamond at one corner, making it exquisite and edgy. The stylish script of the name necklace compliments your dressing style and makes you stand out among the crowd.

    3. Mothers Diamond Necklace with Kids Pendants:

    A mother's Day necklace is the perfect way to demonstrate motherhood. The timeless necklace lets your carry small children's charm pendants on complementing chain. Each charm has a 0.02-carat diamond gemstone adhered in the middle. Besides that, it is an exceptional diamond necklace that is both budget-friendly and premium.

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    4. Engraved Mother Necklace with Diamonds:

    The engraved mother necklace is a perfect combination of innovation and cutting-edge design. The necklace lets you engrave your children's name on up to 5 pendants joined with the same bail. Each pendant contains a sparkly 0.02-carat diamond. Carry your motherhood everywhere you go through this minimalistic necklace. It's a must-have item in the personalized jewelry collection as it goes hand in hand with each dressing style, including the casual look.

    5. Vertical Diamond Bar Necklace:

    Your name is special and worth being kept on a clean, designed vertical diamond bar necklace. The vertical pendant holds your name in a beautiful hand-stamped script with a diamond at the bottom. Available in three premium materials, this versatile pendant can bring out your inner diva. The cutting-edge design of the necklace adds luxury to the neckline and makes diamond jewelry a dream for everyone.

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    6. Name Necklace Gold with Diamond:

    This bling name necklace with diamond adds stars to any outfit. Whether platinum or gold, the necklace stands out in every material option. Customize your name in a calligraphic font with diamonds glued all over the surface. The diamond-filled pendant comes with a complimenting chain. The necklace allows you to seal your name with sparkle and shine for eternity and is also a perfect present for your family and loved ones.

    7. 14K Gold Diamond Initial Necklace:

    If you like dainty diamond name necklaces, this piece is for you. The clean design of the 14K Gold Diamond Initial necklace brings out your personality in the most inspiring way. Each pendant contains a diamond places careful at the curvature of the pendant. It is a must-have necklace for everyone who wants to own a minimal diamond jewelry item with ample customization.

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    8. Mother Daughter Diamond Necklace Set:

    The relationship between a mother and a daughter is beautiful and sacred. Cherish it with the mother-daughter diamond necklace. You can add up to 3 heart cuts and diamonds to the mother necklace. The set contains one mother necklace and 3 heart pendants with each kid's initials. Choose from a wide variety of premium materials, including sterling silver and Rose Gold. Flaunt your beautiful bond with your kids to the world through this cutting-edge necklace set.

    9. Diamond Chai Necklace For Men:

    Chai is the symbolization of being alive. You do not need to have the Jewish roots to love this meaningful chai necklace. Each pendant contains the original diamond adjusted at one end so you can shine everywhere. It is an all-event necklace that brings out your personality's positive and happy aspects.

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    10. Engraved Tree of Life Necklace with Names and Diamonds:

    The Tree of life necklace perfectly depicts human relationships and their intertwined effects on our lives. The necklace also represents the value of our close ones in life. The pendant contains a tree charm that is attached to a circular bar. You can add upto 5 names along with diamonds at the outer corner of the pendant. It is a meaningful gift and a perfect retreat for family-oriented individuals.

    Final words

    Diamond jewelry is known for its versatility and beauty. However, choosing the right diamond can be difficult as many types and kinds exist. To help you land on the perfect necklace, we have put together a very informative article that will educate you about everything you need to know about a premium quality yet affordable diamond necklace.

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