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Arabic Name Necklaces - Unique and Charming Personalized Jewelry

Arabic Name Necklace Designs

Are you searching for a unique and interesting addition to your jewelry assortment? Why not try a charming Arabic name necklace? This is a lovely piece of jewelry and probably one of the most unique types of personalized jewelry.

It is a fantastic way to incorporate a personal touch in jewelry and have an ornament that will become your everyday favorite accessory. However, depending on the design and preference of materials, name necklaces can also exude a sophisticated and modern appeal. Most importantly, they can be a unique mark of individuality when engraved with your name on them.

When it comes to finding unique custom made jewelry designs, nothing beats an Arabic Name Necklace. These types of pendants are just like any other name necklace with a name engraved on either silver or gold metal alloy, but with an added twist of Arabic font.

Arabic Name Necklaces 1

Anyone that has ever seen a piece of writing in Arabic knows just how elegant this can look when incorporated on a piece of jewelry such as a name necklace. The script styles are exquisite, unique and most off all very beautiful to look at. The only limitation to these necklaces is that only those that can read Arabic will be able to read the word engraved on the nameplate.

On the positive side, Arabic name necklace designs come in many different styles. One that is made on a sterling silver nameplate will add a radiant flavor to any outfit while gold designs showcase class and make an elegant fashion statement. Silver and gold plated designs have a low metal content, which makes them significantly cheaper, whereas designs made with a high concentration of gold or silver will cost a bit more.

Arabic Name Necklaces 2

Stylish Arabic Font - Arabic name necklace

For those that love gold, Arabic name necklaces engraved on a gold nameplate come with purity levels of between 14 to 24 karats. Silver necklaces on the other hand only come with a pure grade of .925, which makes them quite valuable. Some people get white gold and sterling silver confused because of the resemblance between the two. So make sure to specify which metal alloy you intend to buy before purchasing an Arabic name necklace.

There are also plenty of categories to choose from. If you want to choose Arabic name pendants ideal for gift giving, designs that come with additional embellishments such as love heat shapes, pearls, diamonds or birthstones would be ideal. Chain length also varies with options ranging from 14 to 24 inches. These necklaces are therefore ideal for young girls, teenagers and adult women. Regardless of what kind of meal alloy, embellishments or chain length that you decide to go for, name necklaces with Arabic font are a unique center piece that will bring out a different side of the wearer.

With the numerous designs that are available, prices also vary sharply. Depending on the grade of metal, design and additional adornments, Arabic name necklace designs can go for as low as $31 to well over $100. This price range can accommodate people with different budgets. Therefore, make sure to compare prices as well as the designs before spending a fortune on a name necklace with stylish Arabic font.

Due to the sophisticated lettering style used to curve out the font on these necklaces, it would be a good idea to your take time and carefully examine the font before purchasing the pendant. This will allow you to find the exact style that you intend to have.

Arabic name pendants have become quite popular and even spotted with famous celebrity figures. This therefore meanest that this type of personalized jewelry is not only trendy but also a contemporary piece of jewelry.

Arabic Name Necklaces 2


Are Arabic name necklaces suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, Arabic name necklaces are ideal for everyday wear. We craft each jewelry item with durable materials making it perfect for daily wear. Besides that, the high-quality plating keeps the necklaces shiny for years.

Do Arabic name necklaces have any cultural significance?

The Arabic name necklace can hold cultural significance for people with Arabic heritage. Arabic script is not just a system of writing but also a form of art known for its intricate calligraphy. By wearing an Arabic name necklace, an individual can showcase their cultural identity, express a connection to the Arab culture, or pay homage to the custom.

Can I add additional charms or birthstones to the necklace?

Yes, if the necklace's design entertains charms or birthstones, you can add your birth month stone and a charm of your choice. Usually, charms come free with a necklace. However, added customization might charge you extra.

Can I gift an Arabic name necklace to someone else?

Gifting an Arabic name necklace to someone else can be a thoughtful and meaningful gesture. Arabic name necklaces make unique and personalized gifts that can hold sentimental value for the recipient. They can be given on various occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, or as a symbol of friendship or love.

What are some of the best Arabic name necklaces to own?

Arabic name necklace is the perfect way to show your heritage and uncanny love for Arab culture. Be it a part of your personal collection or a gift for your loved one, the Arabic necklaces are heartfelt and sentimental gestures of love. Here are the top Arabic necklaces you must know:

  • Bismillah Necklace

    It is a classic Muslim necklace with sacred Quranic words in the most beautiful calligraphy. The necklace's intricate design makes it a desirable accessory for everyone with an Arab culture. Moreover, it is crafted from high-end material and finish making it the ideal heirloom for any family. You can also gift it to your family, friends, or anyone who loves exploring Muslim heritage.

    Arabic Bismillah Necklaces
  • Arabic Two Names Necklace in Circle

    They say two is better than one. Therefore the Arabic two-name necklace in a circle is an ideal accessory for all Arabic lovers. The exquisite necklace, elegance, and personalization make it a perfect accessory for those wishing to celebrate their identity and heritage. Crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, the Arabic Two Names Necklace in Circle showcases the timeless beauty of the Arabic language. The pendant is delicately shaped into a circular design, symbolizing unity and eternal connection.

    Arabic Two Names Necklace
  • English and Arabic Name Necklace

    The beautiful necklace lets you carry two names, one in English and one in Arabic. This is perfect for people who are learning the language and have a good command of English. The necklace features an overlapping names pendant that sits gracefully in the middle of a delicate chain. The bold but elegant font of the inscription makes the names visible even from a long distance.

    English and Arabic Name Necklace
  • Blocky Arabic Name Necklace

    Introducing the Blocky Arabic Name Necklace, a stylish and personalized accessory that showcases the beauty of Arabic script in a bold and contemporary way. Available on onecklace.com, this necklace perfectly blends modern design and cultural heritage, allowing you to express your individuality while honoring Arabic culture.

    English and Arabic Name Necklace

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