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Name Necklaces

A custom name necklace is an ideal way to accumulate your unique fashion sense in your jewelry. Show off your name or any initials near your heart through our name necklaces.

There is no limitation when setting a fashion trend. You can choose from a wide selection of materials, including sterling silver, 14k name necklace gold, 14k White Gold, Rose Gold name plate necklace, and Gold plated. Still not convinced?

What if we tell you you can also add your birthstone and choose from a large variety of font styles for your personalized name necklace? Regarding designs, the sky is the limit for your nameplate necklace. Explore your options and choose the type that describes your personality the best.

We offer a great range of designs that will help you in acquiring the necklace of your dreams. Add any word, name, or detail that you want to cherish for the rest of your life on the necklace and create a lasting impact.

Moreover, name necklaces are also a delightful way to show someone you care. Whether it is a gift for your loved one, or to commemorate a special moment, a name necklace can be personalized with different fonts, colors, and materials.

With endless possibilities for customization, the perfect name necklace is just waiting to be found! Embark on a creative journey and make your loved one’s day by giving them a beautiful name necklace that has been specifically crafted for them.
Name Necklaces - Banner
Are name necklaces in style?
Name necklaces are in style and have become a popular fashion trend. They offer a unique and personalized touch to any outfit, allowing you to showcase your individuality and make a bold statement. Whether you choose a classic font or a more elaborate design, a name necklace adds a personal touch and is a fashionable accessory.
Which way do you put on a name necklace?
When wearing a name necklace, you typically put it on by sliding the chain or necklace over your head, opening the clasp, and securing it around your neck. The nameplate or pendant should be positioned on the front, facing outward, for better visibility. The exact method may vary depending on the design. Still, the general idea is to wear it in a way that allows the personalized inscription or name to be seen when wearing it.
What are the usual heights and thicknesses of the name necklace pendants (the actual names)?
The average height of name pendants available at ONecklace is 0.75 to 2.0 mm (2cm-5cm). The median thickness of our name necklace pendant is 0.7mm/0.03 mm.
Can I personalize any necklace with my name?
Of course! Here at oNecklace you can personalize a necklace from our Name Necklace Collection with the name or word of your choice.
Your name can be made from Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Plated, 14k Yellow Gold, and White Gold in the font you love. Most styles and pieces from our store can be engraved or designed with the word/text of your liking. Fun Shopping!
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