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February Birthstone - Amethyst

What is a February Birthstone?

The gemstone, Amethyst is a beautiful purple variety of quartz, that can be found in many localities all over the world. The Amethyst gemstone, a striking blend of red and violet, occurs from a light pinkish violet to a deep purple. Historically, the finest Amethysts were mined in Russia and as such the purple Amethyst was featured in much royal European jewelry. The best grade Amethysts are found in Siberia, Sri Lanka and the far East. The highest grade is called “Deep Siberian” and has a primary purple hue of 75-80%, with 15-20% blue hues, and red secondary hues. Today, Brazil is the primary source of this gemstone.

What Is The Meaning Of Amethyst Birthstone?

The name Amethyst derives from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not intoxicated,” as this stone was once believed to protect its owner from drunkenness. Ancient Greeks and Romans were known to stud their goblets with Amethysts as to make the wine drunk from an Amethyst cup powerless to intoxicate. It is no wonder that the characteristics associated with the Amethyst are calmness and intellectual reasoning. The Amethyst is a beautiful royal purple stone that pairs well with both gold and silver jewelry making very popular. In addition, it's widely available in different shapes and sizes creating more affordable options.

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Colour of Amethyst:

Amethyst has a captivating purple colour. `there are many different shades of Purple available in the February birthstone. Listed below are the shades of purple:

  • Traditional Amethyst:

    A classic amethyst has a dark purple colour. The rich and intense purple colour of amethyst is greatly coveted.
  • Light Lavender shade amethyst:

    This hue is also known as Rose De France Amethyst. This type of amethyst has a slightly pinkish undertone that adds softness to the overall look of the gemstone. Moreover, it is also known as the lightest colour of lavender. This birthstone shade is perfect for the wearer who wants to add a feminine touch to your personality.
  • Green Amethyst:

    It is a rare colour in a gemstone that adds a greenish hue to the traditional amethyst shade. The green gemstone is created for wearers who want to wear exotic colour gemstones while representing the qualities of their birth month.
  • Double shaded amethyst:

    This type of amethyst reflects a double-shade hue, thus adding to the appeal and allure of the gemstone. Popular shades include purple and violet, purple with a flash of green, or purple and pink.

Facts about February gemstone:

  • On the Mohs scale, Amethyst lies on the 7
  • Amethyst is a member of Quartz.
  • If amethysts are heat treated, they can turn into citrine ( a gemstone for November).
  • Amethyst can induce better sleep and keep one calm when worn as jewellery.
  • People from ancient Greece believed that wearing amethyst could prevent you from getting drunk.

Gemstone care and cleaning

Proper maintenance can increase the life of the amethyst and keep it lustrous for years to come. Here are some factors to keep in mind

Prevent exposure to sunlight or heat:

Exposure to direct sunlight and heat can deteriorate the colour of amethyst. According to the jewellers, you need to keep it in cool and dry places so that the gemstone doesn’t lose its shine.

Cleanse gently:

Regularly clean the gemstone with a mild soap and a gentle brush. Avoid exposure to ultrasonic cleansers, as they can break your gemstone quickly.

Opt for professional maintenance:

Professional inspection can help prolong the life of the birthstone and keep it like new for years to come.


What is the birthstone of February?

Amethyst is the gemstone for February. The beautiful Quartz is known to bring positive vibes intointo the wearer's lifewearer's life.

What Is the Meaning Of Amethyst Birthstone?

Amethyst is generally associated with royalty and healing power. It has been used as an embellishment and inviting good energy in life for centuries.

Where is amethyst found?

Amethyst is found in abundance in Russia. However, these days, amethysts are sourced from Africa. Each continent offers different shades of amethyst that add to the appeal ofthe gemstone. Another famous mine for Amethyst is in Bolivia. The mine is known as Anahi Mine and is hidden in the wetlands of Pantanal. The mine has a rich history, but unfortunately, it remained undiscovered for decades until recently.

February Birthstone - Amethyst

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