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June Birthstone - Alexandrite / Pearl

What is a June Birthstone?


Pearl has been associated to the moon in the ancient times because of its translucent appearance. Compared to other gems, it’s the only one that is not found in the depths of the earth but a product of a mollusk’s defense mechanism. Natural or wild pearls are very rare and difficult to retrieve from the ocean’s depths. Therefore man invented a technique to culture seawater or freshwater pearls in a similar way to the process that occurs in nature. These cultured or farmed pearls are formed from mollusks seeded with irritants similar to those produced naturally and sustain the pearl market. Pearl colors depend on the species of mollusks that produced it and can range from pale cream and white to rose, green, gold, black, and lilac. The four main types of cultured pearls are Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater each having their own unique properties.

Pearls are associated with qualities such as modesty, chastity, faithfulness and purity. Pearl is said to inhibit rowdy behavior, enhances individual integrity and aids a person who needs to focus his/her attention.


Alexandrite is a spellbinding crystal that shows off different colors when viewed by light polarized in different directions. Its color shifts from bluish green in daylight to purplish and reddish tones in artificial light. The value of the gemstone increases as the color change becomes more distinct. The gem was first discovered in 1830 in the Ural Mountains of Russia and was named after the Czar Alexander II. However, today, the Alexandrite is also found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, Brazil. It is considered as a rare stone and some of the finest quality Alexandrite can be as costly as diamonds.

It is said that wearing this gemstone can help balance one’s emotions and increase self-esteem and imagination. Other interesting metaphysical characteristics of the stone are that it’s believed to deepen feelings of love and sensuality and also fuels success in speculative situations.

June Birthstone - Alexandrite / Pearl

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